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Basic Information

Address: P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749
Phone Number: (808) 982-4036
Director: Magin Patrick

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Project Hawai'i
Project Hawai'i
Project Hawai'i
Project Hawai'i

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Homeless and Poverty Stricken Children
Population Served: Children living in poverty in Hawai'i
Ages for Volunteer: 14+
Hours of Service: 1-2 weeks
Minimum Hours Required: open
Days of Service: various spring, summer
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help provide homeless children with life changing skills and build self-esteem to help them escape the cycle of poverty. Our mission includes working with teen mentors from across the country to help build life long skills to help improve their world around them. Making footsteps in the Hawaiian sands worth following.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Allowing teens to work hands on with our keiki and learning to shape the difference they want to see is part of our philosophy. Providing educational programs that will help to enhance the lives of homeless children and the hearts they touch is just the beginning of our camp goals. We believe that the children are our future, by helping to build self-esteem in both the homeless children and the teen mentors will assure a brighter future.

Program History:

Working with the University of Hawai'i, Christmas Wish Program, Inc., and Island Counciling Affiliates our summer camp has been able to put together a team of positive and dedicated leaders to reach our goals. In 2007, Project Hawai'i invited over 120 teens to become mentors and work hands on with the children in a 6 week program. During this time our agency won the "Starbucks Educational Award", as well as the "NFL Educational Program Award". During our first year we were also able to implement our pilot program for Reading is Fundamental, and now this program is run across the country to help other teens in high school become great mentors.
Since our first successful year, Project Hawai'i has been able to grow and create even more exciting programs for the teens and homeless children to learn and share. We have been able to add a great cultural experiences and open up more activities and events for the teens to participate in.
Our homeless children have also been able to have more benefits of receiving back to school supplies, new backpacks and outfits for their new year at school. These children leave summer camp with a new found "family" member and will also carry the feeling of ALOHA in their hearts because of the great opportunity this program offers.


Events include
Summer camp activities, working hands on with homeless children. Building lifelong friendships with other teens across the country.
Learning a new culture, including how to surf, hula, and mele. As well become fimilar and introduced to the ledgends of Hawaii.
This great project is conducted in the Spring Break, and Summer Vacation months.