REACH (Reconstruction Efforts Aiding Children without Homes)

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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 4141, Winchester, VA 22604
Director: Peggy Doerwaldt

Action Shots

REACH (Reconstruction Efforts Aiding Children without Homes)
REACH (Reconstruction Efforts Aiding Children without Homes)

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Additional Information

Causes Served: children, impoverished
Population Served: poverty-stricken children internationally
Ages for Volunteer: 18 and older, under 18 must have chaperone
Minimum Hours Required: one week
Days of Service: one full week
Mission Statement:

REACH (Reconstruction Efforts Aiding Children without Homes) brings environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings, which includes new schools, homes and other applicable buildings to children affected by natural disaster, poverty, and war around the world through a collaborative partnership made up of the beneficiary, architectural design team, funding partners, environmentally friendly building system & material manufacturers all of which is organized under the unique opportunity for anyone or group to travel abroad to participate in the construction of the project under our Voluntourism Program.

Program History:

Tsunami REACH was created in March 2005 as part of the corporate social responsibility program initiated by Donald A. Stevens, founder and President, STUCC ON STEEL Building System, LLC of Virginia. Recognizing the tremendous need for quality housing solutions in the tsunami affected areas of Southeast Asia, STUCC ON STEEL wished to share, free from profit, its environmentally friendly, affordable and durable housing technology with those organizations, companies and governments charged with reconstruction activities following the 2004 Southeast Asian Tsunami.

With successful projects delivered in Sri Lanka and due to ongoing civil unrest in the region that has restricted continued activity, Tsunami REACH founders wish to redirect its resources while continuing to focus on the needs of homeless, orphaned children. Therefore, Tsunami REACH intends to reconstitute itself as to REACH (Reconstruction Efforts Aiding Children without Homes) and develop strategic alliances with corporations, universities and non-profit professional organizations to continue its work, delivering worthy projects to communities that are predominantly in the western hemisphere. Furthermore, REACH intends to create an enhanced program that will allow more individuals and groups to take part in the construction of the projects.


Voluntours occur around United States nationally recognized holiday weeks, such as "Winter Break" or "Spring Break."

Additional Information: will give our events and our voluntour dates available.