Seattle Works

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Basic Information

Address: Seattle, WA
Phone Number: 206-324-0808
Fax Number: 206-508-3584

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Additional Information

Clearances Required: No
Background Check: No
Mission Statement:

Seattle Works offers opportunities for people to serve as active volunteers, informed voters, savvy charitable donors and knowledgeable community leaders.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our vision is a thriving community of actively engaged individuals

We believe that providing information, connections and inspiration creates the following results:

- People who volunteer, give, make their voices heard and step up to lead at increased rates
- People whose volunteer efforts and civic actions align with their skills, interest and values
- People who feel like a part of their community

Program History:

In 1989, a motivated group of twenty-somethings formed an organization dedicated to involving their generation in the Seattle community. Calling themselves The Benefit Gang, the group believed that people in their twenties desired community engagement but needed alternatives to the service clubs and high-priced charity balls attended by their parents. Benefit Gang leaders understood the importance of giving back and sought means of community participation that matched their lifestyle.

What was then The Benefit Gang is now a veritable force called Seattle Works. From the beginning we were providers of energetic volunteer teams that have sprung inventive programs recognized for their impact on the community. Seattle Works was nominated for the Presidential Points of Light Award in 1992, and honored with a community service award from the Municipal League of King County in 1996, the History Makers in Community Service Award from the Museum of History and Industry in 1997, the YMCA of Greater Seattle's AK Guy Award in 2002 and Seattle Parks & Recreation's Denny Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service in 2005.

Our legacy is rooted in the idea that people are ready to step up as active community participants early in their careers and adult lives. Our future lies in our belief that once they've started, they will continue to demonstrate their mettle as volunteers, voters, leaders and philanthropic investors bringing positive impact to their communities.

After 20 years of operation, Seattle Works has become the premier organization for people in their twenties and thirties in the Puget Sound.