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Basic Information

Address: 4436 Rainier Ave South Seattle, Wa 98118
Phone Number: (206) 722-2369, etx 101
Fax Number: (206) 725-9097
Director: Lynda Joko-Volunteer Coordinator

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Educating Unserved Children of Color
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Underserved Children of Color
Ages for Volunteer: 18+
Hours of Service: afternoons 4:00 or 5:30
Minimum Hours Required: 3
Days of Service: Monday through Thursday
Mission Statement:

To prepare underserved chilren of color for higher education and aprofessional success by providing a rigorous and relevant K-12 curriculum.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

TAF will change the trajectory of 20,000 students of color in Washington State public schools every year by 2020. By providing exceptional public education options, TAF programs will empower students to graduate on-time and college-ready to pursue degrees in critical STEM fields.

Program History:

Since 1996, Technology Access Foundation (TAF) has helped children develop the academic skills that are vital for success in a technology-driven global economy. Through free afterschool programs and the new TAF Academy model, we are building a bridge across the achievement gap and changing lives through technology education.

Additional Information:

TAF ValuesAll of our endeavors are guided by the following principles. These core philosophical beliefs determine the way we approach our work and articulate our priorities.

1. Technology and Life Skills

Technology skills are as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic. They are building blocks for the future. While specific technologies change over time, the need for solid life skills remains constant and is a critical element to success.

2. Access to Opportunity

Skills are best used when opportunity presents itself. We create educational and employment opportunities for our students while giving them the tools to take advantage of those opportunities.

3. Strategic and Collaborative Leadership & Partnerships

We strive to take a leadership role in preparing our students for the future. However, we also understand that leaders can only be effective when there is a collaboration of ideas with others invested in the quest.

4. Fiscal Responsibility and Sound Business Ethics

We conduct our business with integrity and fiscal responsibility.

5. Continuous Improvement and Learning

No matter how successful we may be, there is always room to learn more and improve. We strive to continually improve our internal structure, training methods, and curriculum in order to give our students the best educational experience possible.