Texas Advocacy Project

Basic Information

Address: PO Box 833 Austin, Texas 78767
Phone Number: 512-476-5377
Fax Number: 512-476-5773

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Texas Advocacy Project
Texas Advocacy Project

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Women, Children, LGBT, Minority, Low Income
Ages for Volunteer: Typically any age, but depends upon volunteer opportunity. Contact us to inquire.
Hours of Service: 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday
Mission Statement:

Texas Advocacy Project provides free legal services statewide to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Legal help is one of the only services directly related to the national decline in domestic violence. Obtaining a protective order, for example, makes it 80% less likely the victim will be assaulted again. There are other non profit organizations out there providing legal services. But Texas Advocacy Project focuses only on cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. We specialize in helping victims who can't find help from traditional non profit service providers; they either don't qualify because of income requirements or the service providers are out of their reach because of cultural, language or geographic barriers. The Project offers a broad spectrum of legal services through the following programs: Free Legal Hotlines, Protective Order Packets, Emergency Protective Order Program, Assisted Pro Se Program, Teen Justice Initiative, Texas Justice Initiative, Legal Access Initiative, LGBT Initiative, and Technical Advocacy. We encourage you to click on the links under "Programs and Services" to learn more about each of these programs in further detail. The goal of all Project services is to allow victims to become survivors by putting long-term solutions to work in their lives.

Program History:

Now in our 30th year of service, Texas Advocacy Project is a non profit organization working directly with victims, shelters, law enforcement agencies and courts across Texas to deliver effective legal services to Texans in need. Our services are free of charge and provide the type of long-term solutions which break the cycle of violence for thousands of Texans each year. We accept clients without regard to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or county of residence. Further minimizing barriers to legal services, we have English and Spanish-speaking attorneys and utilize a language interpretation service available around the clock, allowing us to give legal advice in over 170 languages. The Project also employs a service for deaf callers.


Annual Events:
Handbags for Hope - February-May
Benefit Poker Tournament - June
Backpacks for Hope - July-September
Black & White Ball - October

For details and specific dates, visit our events page at www.texasadvocacyproject.org/events.php

Additional Information:

We have ongoing needs for hotline screeners (age 18+) and clerical volunteers (age 16+) Other volunteer needs for our events include helping with setup and staffing for the Poker Tournament and Black & White Ball, and preparing handbag and backpack donations for our Hope Campaign.

Groups and families are welcome to volunteer! For information on our current volunteer needs, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 512-225-9584 or vol@texasadvocacyproject.org. You can also visit our website at www.texasadvocacyproject.org and click on "Volunteer" to see our opportunities and download a volunteer application.