The3rdGoal: Gender Equality and Empowering Women

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Basic Information

Address: Online Educational Web Portal
Phone Number: 703 666 8381
Director: Virginia Lawrence

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Education, Women, Girls,
Clearances Required: No
Background Check: No
Population Served: Women, Girls,
Ages for Volunteer: 18+
Hours of Service: 20
Minimum Hours Required: 10
Days of Service: Sun - M - T- W - Th - F - Sat
Mission Statement:

The3rdGoal has a reasonable goal to place into reach, professional careers for underprivileged or at-risk youth of America and International communities through the use of an online educational portal.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

[According to the outline of] the Millennium Goals [each] represent a global partnership for development. The deal makes clear that it is the primary responsibility of poor countries to work towards achieving the first seven Goals. They must do their part to ensure greater accountability to citizens and efficient use of resources. But for poor countries to achieve the first seven Goals, it is absolutely critical that rich countries deliver on their end of the bargain with more and more effective aid, more sustainable debt relief and fairer trade rules, well in advance of 2015. End Poverty 2015: M.D.G. #8

Poverty has a woman's face. Global prosperity and peace will only be achieved once all the world's people are empowered to order their own lives and provide for themselves and their families. Societies where women are more equal stand a much greater chance of achieving the Millennium Goals by 2015. Every single Goal is directly related to a woman's rights, and societies were women are not afforded equal rights as men can never achieve development in a sustainable manner. End Poverty 2015: M.D.G. #3

Bangladesh: Educating Girls Lowers Maternal Death Rate

In 2001, the Bangladesh government began offering free education for girls up to 12th grade, with additional incentives like food for education. Girls' enrolment in secondary schools jumped from 1.1 million in 1991 to 3.9 million in 2005, according to the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF).
Women who are better informed are also more active in making family planning choices. The government health survey indicated that married women using contraception - modern methods like the pill or condoms, or traditional methods like periodic abstinence - rose dramatically, from 8 percent in the 1970s to 45 percent in 1993, and reached 56 percent in 2007.

Program History:

In our first year, we have launched an online website that is available for free every year to a class of smart and economically disadvantaged high school age students Nationally or Overseas.

Additional Information:

 My name is Virginia Louise Lawrence nevertheless, please call me Jennie and I am in the process of shifting from 16 years of employment in Healthcare, as a certified nurse aide. I have been making a change in my life; which includes a Master of Science Communications Technology - Network Communications degree (Pending). I have already achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Radford University - Graphic Arts (12/1984). From January 2008 forward volunteering with nonprofit organizations has helped me learn and produce; providing invaluable information and experiences, as well as, producing positive results.Volunteering my time and industries assisting NPO/NGO’s, For-Profit's, and Individual's achieve some of their goals technologically; not all but some. I hope to continue to assist People, as the experience has been enriching socially, emotionally, and developmentally rewarding. I am an education advocate..

The3rdGoal is based on a pedagogy (the art, science, or career of teaching; especially; education) applications that are based on four educational principals: Constructivism which assembles or creates new knowledge as people or applications interact together, Constructionist learning takes place when instructing or creating elements surrounding an experience, Social Constructivism is a collaborative effort combining a social group assembling things for one another and their shared experience and meanings, and the motives of people in discussion are Connected and Separate behavior; Connected in that a greater subjective empathetic approach is taken in listening, asking questions, and understanding someone else's point of view and Separate in remaining insensitive to others ideas defending the facts and logic to find loop-holes in participant’s arguments. On the other hand Constructed behavior demonstrates an appropriate use of either the Connected or Separate approaches in a given situation. Consequentially the idea surfaces that both teacher and student are continually learning from their experiences.

Obviously Moodle cannot impose this method of activity, but supports the concept of pedagogy. Forthcoming improvements to the overall technical infrastructure of Moodle architecture will support improvements in the pedagogical model.