YES! International

Basic Information

Address: 1177 California Street, 94108 CA
Phone Number: 416 360-4898
Director: Jo Lee Mansell

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Humanitarian, Informatiomal
Population Served: the under 30 crowd
Ages for Volunteer: any age
Hours of Service: virtual
Minimum Hours Required: 2-5 hours
Days of Service: virtual
Mission Statement:

YES! INTERNATIONAL gives the younger generation of the world: their Roots and Wings". It's exciting to realize that '3' simple words ... Youth * Empowered * Solutions ... are the bequests YES! gives to their peers. A raison d'être quaint to no one else.

Program History:

In 1985 ... YES! INTERNATIONAL was born with a plan of HOW it could give birth to improving the lives of the young. It would re-invent the Charitable World, it would raise millions in in-kind donations and services, no salaries would be paid anywhere on the globe, and less than 2% would be allocated to their worldwide administrative costs! A Not For Profit Tax Exempt Charitable Corporation in both Canada and the USA.

Additional Information: Intellectually stimulating research, compiling relevant videos to Global Issues. An evolving multimedia approach to HELPING others! Make a difference: from your personal computer in your own environment. Kindly see: