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Basic Information

Address: 530 Brownlee Road, Atlanta, GA 30311
Phone Number: 404 696-3092
Fax Number: 404 691-7653
Director: Ron Thomas

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Civic education
Population Served: Middle and High School students
Ages for Volunteer: 18+
Hours of Service: 8+
Minimum Hours Required: 2
Days of Service: February 19-20, February 26-27, March 5-6, March 12-13
Mission Statement:

Georgia Close Up's mission is to encourage informed active citizen participation in the democratic process and for young people, teachers, and citizens of all ages to gain a practical understanding of how public policy affects their lives and how they can affect public policy. Georgia Close Up is committed to developing new and better ways for young people to become effective participants by providing a balanced perspective on issues.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that a strong democracy requires active and informed participation by all citizens; therefore we seek to reach participants of every race, creed, geographical community, socio-economic level, and academic standing. To carry out our mission, we partner with educators, schools, and youth organizations throughout the country to help young people develop the skills and attitudes to become informed and engaged citizens. Since 1971, nearly 800,000 participants have participated in Close Up programs.

Program History:

For the last 30 years, Georgia Close Up has conducted over 65 local programs on topics ranging from state legislation to public health or the environment. More than 7,200 students, teachers, parents and senior citizens have participated in our local education programs. With a small grant from the Close Up Foundation, community support, and a host of volunteers, Close Up has been able to bring speakers such as Former President and Governor Jimmy Carter to our conferences. Other guest speakers who have participated in Georgia Close Up programs include Former Ambassador and Mayor Andrew Young, Former Governors Zell Miller and Roy Barnes, Secretary of State Cathy Cox, Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor, Former Congressman Ben Jones, Former Texas Governor Ann Richards, civil rights leaders Julian Bond and Vernon Jordan, as well as countless state representatives, dignitaries, officials, experts and specialists who have addressed participants on different issues throughout the years.


2014 Georgia Close Up Legislative Conferences
February 19-20
February 26-27
March 5-6
March 12-13