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Elizabeth Bennett: Elizabeth Bennett is a 1995 graduate of Clemson University with a Masters of Education in Guidance And Counseling Services. Currently she is Theorist, Developer and Consultant for Peer Abuse Know More!

Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From A Psychological Perspective takes the problem of bullying to a whole other dimension. As bullying has been a problem since the beginning of time, it has been only recently that society has started to learn about the dangers of it in the schools and the workplace. The book begins with a history and update on recent statistics on bullying today. The different types of bullying in adults and children are discussed along with stories shared by those who have lived this nightmare. Also, we learn of the term "Peer Abuse" and how to make the transition from the term bullying and what is behind a name. Plus, for the first time ever, the Adult Survivor Of Peer Abuse is introduced and we learn of what these survivors live with on a daily basis.

Book Highlights:

Peer Abuse: What is in a Name

Psychological aspects of Peer Abuse

Resolutions in dealing with problems such as depression, Social Anxiety and PTSD

Resolutions in dealing with the school and workplace bully. Also, in Relational Aggression which is the covert form of abuse.

Introducing the Adult Survivor Of Peer Abuse

This book takes the reader to a whole new outlook on bullying. It is unique and the first of it's kind!

Book Reviews:

"Elizabeth Bennett provides a wide-range of sound, professional advice and resources to children, teenagers, parents and educators. Her call to stand against the injustice of peer abuse is heartfelt and is an empowering example of the type of compassionate involvement that our society needs from its adults"

Tami McCandlish, author of Flying Grounded: My Spiritual Triumph Over Female Bullying an Founder Of The Triumph Organization

"This is unlike any other book I've ever read on bullying before. It really sheds light on the bullying epidemic and explores effects on both the bullies and the targets in a way that is long overdue. The author makes no excuses for the bullying epidemic. She is very honest with her treament of the subject and tells it like it is! I would recommend it for parents of bullied children as well as for adults who either still have scars from being bullied as children as well as for adults who either still have scars from being bullied as children or have been bullied in the workplace as adults."

Anne Shirley, parent, Masachussetts

"I received the book "Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From A Psychological Perspective" from the author to
read and review for her. I am glad she sent it to me as I am an anti-bullying advocate and her book is just what is needed to properly address the issue of peer abuse and bullying. This book contains important information you need to know if you are an administrator or educator at school; if you are a therapist or counselor who works with abused and bullied children; if you have a child who is being bullied or if you are being bullied. This book will inform you of the signs, symptoms, theories and possible therapeutic treatment options for peer abuse. I would highly recommend this most valuable resource and tool to help those who are victims of peer abuse and bullying.

Harold Cameron, Be Positive Day, Pennsylvania


Kind, generous, compassionate lady. » by somebody
A woman with a heart. Giving, caring and loving. Kathleen Gage » by Kathleen Gage 1
Elizabeth is wonderful. She knows alot about Peer Abuse. She is adamant for her cause. Please contact her to spaek for your school, church, or community. She is TOP notch. » by Jennifer Larkins
Most people are trying to make a difference IN their lives ... Elizabeth is one of the few exceptional self-directed individuals who are actually making a difference WITH their lives. Many children sleep peacefully every day because of her. Amazing lady. » by James Roswell Quinn


"Elizabeth Bennett is a highly competent and skilled author and consultant who has a heart and passion to help abused/bullied children. It is her life mission to educate adults concerning the devastating effects that bullying/abuse has on children and young people as well as to motivate them to action to stop the bullying/abuse of children and young people. I believe in Elizabeth and her work and can highly recommend her, her services, as well as her book." December 20, 2008
Harold Cameron, Chief of Helping People, HaroldSays
was with another company when working with Elizabeth at Peer Abuse Know More!

"Liz is a warm, caring person who has a strong sense of social justice. She is a good, decent person who, to paraphrase Edward Kennedy about his late brother, Robert Kennedy, sees wrong and tries to right it, sees war and tries to stop it. If more people were for the dignity of others like Liz is, this world would be a much better place." June 17, 2008
Maureen Brill, Sales`, Radio America
worked with Elizabeth at Peer Abuse Know More!

"Elizabeth is a very nice, resourceful, and knowledgeable woman on the issue of peer abuse -- the causes of it and how to lesson its affects. She passionately cares about what she's doing and goes above and beyond making a positive influence on our world." June 10, 2008
Kathy Noll, Owner, Taking the Bully by the Horns
was with another company when working with Elizabeth at Peer Abuse Know More!

"I am pleased to recommend Elizabeth who is truly committed to addressing bullying and bringing awareness to the masses. She has been a leader in addressing this emerging issue and has helped numerous people deal with this tragic issues that occur in the workplace." June 8, 2008
W. Barry Nixon, Owner, National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc.
was a consultant or contractor to Elizabeth at Peer Abuse Know More!

"Elizabeth is very caring person and is very passionate about what she does. I am very proud to know her and even more proud to work along side her in order to stop peer abuse, bullying, relational aggression as well as bullycide. The organizations that Elizabeth and I work with are working very hard to protect the children who are bullied and alot of them are dying because being bullied or they are resorting to violence to make the bullying stop. We are also working with Adult Survivors of Peer Abuse and Bullying. Please excuse my ramblings but I'm just very proud of the work that Elizabeth is doing and I'm very proud to be part of a great organization so that maybe, someday, we can succeed in stamping out the violence once and for all." May 20, 2008
Patricia Toler, Moderator/Advocate, Bully Police USA
worked with Elizabeth at Peer Abuse Know More!

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