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Address: 3100 Willowcreek Rd. Portage, IN 46368
Phone Number: 219-762-9622
Fax Number: 219-762-2012

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Additional Information

Focus: The Portage Township YMCA strives to help participants grow physically, mentally and spiritually while providing challenging activities in both small and large group settings under the guidance of caring, well trained YMCA staff.
Director: Amber R. Morris
Schools Served: Myers Elementary, Fegely Middle School, Central Elementary, Aylesworth Elementary, Willowcreek Middle School, Crisman Elementary, Kyle Elementary, Jones Elementary, Navitivy, Portage Christian
School District: Portage Township
County: Porter
Schedule: 6:30am - 8:45am; 2pm - 6pm
Ages: 5 - 14
Capacity: vaires by site
Membership/Pricing: membership required $64/annually; $67/week for unlimited care

All Y-Care sites are set in elementary school cafeterias.


The YMCA stands for the Young Men’s Christian Association, and it has a long-standing, rich history throughout the world. It was founded in London on June 6, 1844 by George Williams. The first YMCA was formed as an outreach to men on the streets. They offered Bible studies and prayer. Throughout history, YMCAs have adapted their services to fit the needs of the communities they serve.

Did you know that volleyball and basketball were invented at YMCAs? At the International YMCA Training School in December 1891, James Naismith invented the game of basketball, doing so at the demand of Luther Gulick, the director of the school. He invented the game to occupy the time of some of the students at the school who had gotten too violent with their rugby and football games. Volleyball was invented at the Holyoke Massachusetts YMCA in 1895 by William Morgan, an instructor at the Y who felt that basketball was too strenuous for businessmen.

Today, our Portage Township YMCA is carrying on that same tradition. We are constantly thriving to offer new and efficient programs to serve our community. Currently, there are YMCAs in over 124 countries throughout the world. Each YMCA is run differently, yet they are all alike in mission:
“Putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build spirit, mind, and body for all.”

The four core values of the YMCA are: Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. These values are incorporated into each YMCA program to constantly remind our staff and members about the Christian values we are here to uphold. The mission statement of the Portage Township YMCA is similar to that of the YMCA of the USA, however ours is worded differently. It is as follows:

The mission of the Portage Township YMCA
is to enhance the quality of life
in the community we serve
by promoting healthy lifestyles
through ample opportunities
available to all
for physical and mental development
in a Christian atmosphere.

The Portage Township YMCA has been actively involved in school age child care for the past twenty years. It is a member of the Indiana Association of School Age Child Care and practices a limited child to staff ratio.

Program Highlights: Our Y-Care program has taken a step in the way of leadership in our community through various community service, service-learning, and philanthropic activities. We have made breast cancer awareness bracelets, tye-dyed shirts with senior citizens, and help a carnival to benefit the family of one of our program participants who are struggling with medical bills from his inoperable brain tumor.
Support Services: K-Care offers childcare during the half day when a kindergartener is not in school. It can be used, in conjunction with Y-Care, for extra fees. $45/week

Children enrolled in the program can expect fun, friends and memories through organized activities including arts and crafts, small and large motor activities, music, wellness activities including Wii Fit games, service-learning projects, and multicultural & diversity education.

Field Trip Destinations: We have taken field trips to the Seadog Architecture Tour at Navy Pier in Chicago, the Art Barn to learn the basics of painting and pick pumpkins, to a puppet marionette showing of Wizard of Oz, bowling at the local bowling alley, and more.
Program Information:


Y-Care Program Sites & Fees
Y-Care Program Sites:
The Portage Township YMCA currently operates our Y-Care program out of three school sites within the Portage Township School Corporation. Those three sites harbor students from 8 PTSC schools as well as 2 parochial schools located in Portage, Indiana. These sites are sectioned as follows:
Myers Y-Care Site (Phone #: 763-7772)
Myers Elementary, Nativity, Portage Christian, and FegelyMiddle School
Aylesworth Y-Care Site (Phone #: 762-4951)
Aylesworth Elementary, Central Elementary, and WillowcreekMiddle School
Jones Y-Care Site (Phone #: 762-2899)
Jones Elementary, Crisman Elementary, and KyleElementary School
Hours of Operation/Service Availability:
The hours of operation for all three Y-Care sites are 6:30am – 8:45am and 2pm – 6pm. Parents may sign their children into Y-Care as early as 6:30am. They may sign their children out of Y-Care as late as 6:00pm. Our service availability is based on the Portage Township School Corporation calendar. Rates will be prorated for 3- or 4-day school weeks on the school calendar. No refunds will be offered for school cancellation days as our services are still available at the YMCA building. (See Severe Weather Policy/Procedures for more information.)
Site Security/Sign In & Out:
For safety and security, parents will need to push a call-button to request entry into the school. They must be buzzed into the school site by a staff member via the monitor system. Each parent is required to come inside the building and sign their child into and out of the care of the Y-Care program via the Sign In/Sign Out forms. Any parent that does not sign their child into and/or out of the care of the YMCA may be subject to a $5 non-compliance fee.
Late Pick-Up:
If a parent does not come to pick up a child by 6:00pm, the Y-Care Site Supervisor will call the parent to ensure that someone is on their way. If an authorized individual does not arrive by 6:10pm to pick up the child, the Y-Care Site Supervisor along with the Support Staff member will transport the child together to the YMCA building in accordance with our Child Abuse Prevention Policy. The child will wait at the front entrance with a staff member for an authorized individual to pick them up. The Portage Township YMCA reserves the right to charge $1 per minute to any program participant who stays later than 6:00pm. If no authorized individual arrives to pick up the child by 7:30pm, the Portage Township YMCA will contact the proper authorities. As a law-abiding organization, we are obligated to do so under the Federal and State Laws protecting children from abandonment and neglect.
Y-Care service fees are based on the availability of our services and not on individual usage. Only the punch-card system is suited for rates based on individual usage. Y-Care payments are to be made via check or money order at the Y-Care sties. For security reasons, no cash is accepted at the Y-Care site. All payments are due by 6:00pm on the Friday before services are rendered. A $10 late fee will be incurred by any program participant who has not paid for the following week’s services by Friday at 6:00pm.

  • Services will be suspended for any program participant who falls 2 weeks behind in payment and will not resume until the overdue balance is received in full.
  • IF a participant’s check is returned to the YMCA for insufficient funds, that participant will be responsible to pay, in cash at the YMCA, the full amount of the check and a $25 NSF fee to the YMCA before the child may re-enter the Y-Care site.
  • If two checks from the same recipient are returned for insufficient funds, the participant will be required to pay in money order form only for the remainder of the school year.

Payment Rates:

Regular 5-Day School Week Rates


Unlimited Morning & Afternoon   
$67 (20% $53.60; 30% $46.90)   
Unlimited Morning Only                
$30 (20% $24; 30% $21)
Unlimited Afternoon Only             
 $40 (20% $32; 30% $28)
Three Day School Week Rates
Unlimited Morning   & Afternoon
$40.20 (20% $32.16; 30% $28.14)
Unlimited Morning Only    
$18 ((20% $14.40; 30% $12.60)
Unlimited Afternoon Only 
$24 (20% $19.20; 30% $16.80)
Four Day School Week Rates
Unlimited Morning & Afternoon
$53.60 (20% $42.88; 30% $ 37.52)
Unlimited Morning Only    
$24 (20% $19.20; 30% $16.80)
Unlimited Afternoon Only 
$32 (20% $25.60; 30% $22.40)

Punch Card Method
10 punches per card            $27.00
(20% $21.60; 30% $18.90)
Morning Drop-Off
6:30 am – 7:15 am               2 punches
7:16 am – 8:45 am               1 punch
Afternoon Pick-up
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm*           1 punch
3:01 pm – 4:00 pm**          2 punches
4:01 pm – 5:00 pm              3 punches
5:01 pm – 6:00 pm              4 punches


Slogan: We care at Y-Care

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