Elite Scholars STEAM Academy

Basic Information

Address: 4510 North Illinois Suite #5 Swansea, Illinois 62226
County: St. Clair
Phone Number: 618-726-2022
Fax Number: 618-628-4769
Principal: Anetrise Jones
School Type: Independent School

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Elite Scholars STEAM Academy
Elite Scholars STEAM Academy
Elite Scholars STEAM Academy
Elite Scholars STEAM Academy

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Additional Information

Founded: 2014
Organization Affiliation: STEAM, STEM,
Ages/Grades: 3-13/PK-8th
School Setting:

Elite Scholars STEAM Academy is an innovative school for 3 to 13 year-olds. We focus on equipping young people with a wide range of STEAM skills and core academics that are delivered in a practical and project-based way.

School Schedule: 8:30 am - 3:20 pm
School days in Calendar Year: 180
School Size: 60
Classroom Size: 18
Student/Teacher Ratio: 18/1
Tuition: $4750-$6,500

Elite Scholars STEAM Academy’s curriculum is based on Science, Technology, Engineering Agriculture/Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) disciplines that integrate all academic content into a cohesive investigative approach to teaching and learning. STEAM education curriculum offers students one of the best opportunities to make sense of our technological world in its entirety. Our STEAM curriculum will be very rigorous and allows each of our students to become problem solvers, innovators, inventors, self-reliant, logical thinkers, and technologically literate. Our unique curriculum and teaching principles set our school apart from other private elementary schools in the area.

In addition to the STEAM curriculum, we will incorporate financial literacy, a quality music program, theater production, dance, and agricultural knowledge into our daily instruction in order to develop well-rounded children.

Elite Scholars STEAM Academy will incorporate the common core standards into our curriculum and all content taught will be supported by scientific research. The foundation of the charter school’s curriculum will be based on:

Creative use of science, mathematics, and technology concepts and principles and applying them to the engineering design process.

Recognizing the needs of the world and creatively design, test, redesign, and then implement solutions (engineering process).

The use of initiatives and self-motivation to set agendas, develop and gain self-confidence, and work within a specified time frame.

The ability to apply rational and logical thought processes of science, mathematics, and engineering design to innovation and invention.

Understanding and explaining the nature of technology, develop the skills needed and apply technology appropriately.

Understanding and explaining financial literacy through management of funds, stock market, and investments

Understanding and explaining the fine arts through music, theater, dance and martial arts

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Elite Scholars STEAM Academy has a computer lab, kindles, laptops, chrome books

School Clubs:

Dance, STEAM TEAM, Robotics Club, Music

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

Elite Scholars STEAM Academy (ESSA) is proud to sponsor and provide a uniform dress code policy. It is the requirement of Elite Scholars STEAM Academy that uniforms be worn by all students daily. This policy will provide clear expectations to guide the parents and the students on what is acceptable for students to wear to school daily. The uniform supports the school’s mission and helps instill character building, discipline, and pride in appearance and maintain a positive learning environment. There are four combinations available to allow your child some choice and style; however, the ESSA logo engraved blazer/vest/lab coat and tie should be worn daily.

Admissions Deadline: January 15th of current year
Mission Statement:

The mission of Elite Scholars STEAM Academy is to provide a school community of inquiry that supports academic excellence through innovative, hands-on experience that fosters critical thinking skills to all students of the 21st century.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Elite Scholars STEAM Academy’s educational philosophy is based on the Chinese proverb: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” We believe in a curriculum enriched classroom environment that reflects children’s special abilities and interests by giving them the tools to construct their own knowledge and foster their natural curiosity to learn and excel.
Programs and Services:

Academic Excellence

There are three units to Elite Scholars STEAM Academy’s academic program. We have early childhood, lower, and middle STEAM schools that provide uniformity in across the board at our learning academy. Each unit utilizes STEAM modules that were developed for school-aged children. Each unit fosters problem-solving skills, including problem formulation, iteration, testing of alternative solutions, and evaluation of data to guide decisions. The individual STEAM school units allow all students to think creatively and logically while developing a love of learning. Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture/Arts, and Mathematics are incorporated into the classroom at every level and is scaffold throughout each school unit.

Academic Program by Unit

Early Childhood
The Early Childhood is the early learning unit of Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, serving students in Pre-Kindergarten through Senior Kindergarten. Students are introduced at this early level to an interdisciplinary program embracing the arts, technology, physical education, science and library skills along with traditional curriculum areas.

Lower School
The Lower School offers an environment in which children are encouraged to explore and discover. All segments of the program emphasize teaching the whole child, learning through hands-on exploration, and developing independence within the classroom and school-wide community.

Middle School
The Middle School provides a unique opportunity for students through a cross-disciplinary approach to instruction which increases self-awareness and promotes academic success. Our cross-disciplinary instruction will encourage students to make connections and view learning in a collective manner. The Middle School will give students a solid academic foundation that will have them well prepared for the rigorous courses of high school.

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