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Basic Information

Address: 49 Clinton Avenue Dobbs Ferry, NY
County: Westchester
Phone Number: 914 479 6420
Principal: Laura Danforth
School Type: private independent school

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The Masters School
The Masters School
The Masters School

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Additional Information

Accreditation: Middle States Assoc. of SecondarySchools, Regents of the state of NY
Founded: 1877
Organization Affiliation: NAIS, NYAIS, TABS
Ages/Grades: grades 5-12
School Setting:

96 beautiful acres on Hudson River. 12 miles from Manhattan

School Schedule: 7 not including sports/clubs
School Holidays: major holidays, winter, spring and summer breaks

suburban community

School Size: 665
Classroom Size: 14
Student/Teacher Ratio: 7:1
Financial Aid:

$5 million allocated/year


Full range of academic, athletic, performing and visual arts, clubs, community service and more


Wide range of standard, accelerated and Advanced Placement courses

Percentage of Graduating Class: 99% go to 4 year colleges/universities
Support Services: Faculty Advisors, Health and Wellness support, College Counseling, etc.
Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Extensive hardware and software capabilities, multimedia labs and advanced technological resources for students

School Championships:

Division III High School Squash Championships, numerous Fairchester Athletic League championships in soccer, basketball, cross-country and more

School Clubs:

40+ clubs covering extensive range of interests and activities

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

casual dress

Admissions Deadline: December 15 unless granted extension
Mission Statement:

The Masters School celebrates active participation, deep understanding, and meaningful connection. A community of diverse individuals, we gather to learn, to strive, to dare, to do -- to be a power for good in the world.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Beliefs To Learn We believe that students learn best when they construct their own meanings. This belief is reflected in the architecture of the classroom itself: the Harkness table gathers students and teachers to build knowledge and learn from one another. Our students practice communication and thinking skills by developing and supporting their ideas, listening carefully to others, working collaboratively, and sharing feedback. In the process, they come to understand their own approaches to learning and value those of others. This group experience fosters a sense of collective responsibility, an appreciation of others, and a feeling of accomplishment in creating something unique and profound. To Strive We believe that our environment must inspire students to strive to be their best selves -- in academic, athletic, artistic, and all other endeavors. In working to achieve their goals, students learn to persevere. A community-wide focus on growth enables them to navigate challenges and become resourceful, confident, and resilient. To Dare We believe that we must empower students to dare -- to wonder, to question what is known, and to explore what is unknown. Our culture of kindness and inclusivity applauds students who take risks, learn from setbacks, and gain new perspectives. To Do We believe that learning is doing. We ask our students to be more than consumers of content -- we ask them to use what they learn to solve problems and design new visions for the world and their place in it. For our students, learning is experiential, and experience shapes learning. To Be a Power for Good in the World When Eliza B. Masters founded The Masters School in 1877, she set out to educate each student “to be a power for good in the world." Today, we continue to hold this mission as central to everything we do. As our students contend with real-world issues both in and out of the classroom, they gain empathy, confidence, and a sense of responsibility to fulfill Miss Masters’ most important mission.
School History:
Notes/School Information:

Founded in 1877, The Masters School is a leading co-ed day and boarding school for grades 5-12 that enriches students' minds, preparing them for success in college, career and life. Located on 96 beautiful acres on the Hudson River, the school is a diverse and vibrant convergence of ideas, cultures, arts and athletics. In a culture of inclusivity where diversity of thought is celebrated, students confidently find their own voices through the School's renowned seminar-style learning approach. The result is a deeper, broader understanding of the subject matter and each other.

Both day and boarding students also benefit from the boarding school advantage, with an active 7-day campus and a dedicated, accessible faculty, 60% of whom live on campus. Masters robust academics are complemented by its outstanding performing and visual arts program and athletics program featuring 37 teams and a new 75,000 sq.-ft. Athletics and Arts Center.

To learn more about how you can give your child the Masters advantage, contact us at, 914-479-6420 and RSVP to attend an Open House - Grades 9-12: Oct. 21, 12PM. Grades 5-8: Nov. 4, 12PM.

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