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Basic Information

Address: 8401 Montgomery Road Cincinnati , Ohio 45236
County: Hamilton
School District: Indian Hill School District
Phone Number: 513-984-3770
Fax Number: 513-984-3787

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Additional Information

President: Peter Cline
School Type: Jewish Pluralistic Community Day School
Founded: 1952
Ages/Grades: Preschool age 2 through grade 8
School Setting:

Suburban campus

School Size: 230
Classroom Size: Suburban campus
Student/Teacher Ratio: 5/1
Tuition: tuition varies upon program (contact Rockwern for details)
Financial Aid:

Yes, greater than 25% of our families recieve financial assistance


service learning; academic integration; Spanish language

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Support Services: School counselor, remedial specialists in academics and Hebrew, speech therapist, enrichment services
Camp Programs: No
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

All classrooms have multiple computers; with 3 classrooms having 21 st century technology, a state of the art computer laboratory with 30 (?) terminals

School Championships:


School Clubs:

Sports teams and after-school enrichment activities

Notable Graduates:

Many of our graduates have gone on to have a positive impact and make a difference in the world

Parking Spaces/Availability:

Ample parking available

Uniform Guidelines:

No uniforms; established dress code

Admissions Requirements:

Kindergartners must turn 5 by September 30th . There are screening and interview requirements for admission

Mission Statement:

Rockwern Academy is Greater Cincinnati's Jewish Community Day School, serving Jewish children from across the spectrum of Jewish life. We integrate Jewish values, history, literacy and culture into a rich general and Judaic curriculum which fosters a passion for life-long learning, a strong Jewish identity, and a connection to Israel . Our nurturing educational community creates opportunities for leaders to emerge. Rockwern students are intellectually engaged, spiritually aware and socially responsible.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Rockwern reaches out to affiliated as well as unaffiliated families, from all Jewish expressions of faith and to those for whom Judaism is a new experience. Rockwern is an independent, college preparatory day school committed to affirming and celebrating diversity in Jewish life.

Through its dedication to academic excellence, the continuation of Jewish ethics and values, and the confirmation that each individual is unique, Rockwern prepares students for success in an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

We seek to fulfill our mission through the key elements of our philosophy:

* A superior college-prep academic education emphasizing disciplined analytical skills and creative thinking
* The instillation of a love of learning and discovery, and the desire to be lifelong learners
* The study of Jewish values and traditions to nurture in each student a strong Jewish identity and teach both personal integrity, teamwork, and leadership
* A balance of community and individual challenge dedicated to the total development of each student

School History:

Founded in 1952 by a group of bold visionaries who understood the special challenges of raising Jewish children in a secular society

Notes/School Information:

Our Core Values

Zedek – Justice
Rockwern helps each student develop a powerful voice of change, a sense of purpose, and a passion for justice. By nurturing these qualities, we educate our students to develop empathy for others, energy for activism, and a life-long desire for improving the world. These qualities empower Rockwern students to make a difference in the world around them, both in their home community and afar.

At Rockwern we develop the capacities of trust, honesty, and care between

An individual and him/herself ( bein adam l'atzmo )

An individual and others ( bein adam l'chavero )

An individual and G_d ( bein adam l'makom )

An individual and the environment around him/her ( bein adam l'svivo )

B'Tzelem Elokim
There is within each person an eternal spark that has the potential to be ignited. At Rockwern, as we see the unique strengths of each child unfold, it is our responsibility to recognize and nurture those strengths; to stroke the fire so that each spark becomes a strong and steady flame. That flame in turn enables us to reach up and out.

Ahavat Yisrael - Love of Israel
It is our goal to help form an inextricable bond with the Jewish people-past, present, and future, and to foster a sense of pride and commitment to the State of Israel – it's people, it's language, and it's land.

Limud – Learning
Our goal is for each child to love learning as a lifetime pursuit.

We hope you will come and visit Rockwern Academy so you can experience the strong sense of community that  encompasses not only the students, but their families as well. Giving your child the gift of a Rockwern education assures that he or she will be well-prepared to enter any high school and take on the challenges of rigorous coursework.  A Jewish day school education also assures that each student develops a strong self-worth and identity along with the knowledge and understanding of culutral and traditional Jewish skills.

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