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Phone Number: 800-914-8931 and 801-422-2868
Fax Number: 801-422-0102

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Additional Information

Founder/President/Principal: John Taylor – Director
School Type: Distance Education, Independent Study
Founded: 1921
Ages/Grades: 7th grade to University Courses
School Size: 138,500 enrollments per year
Classroom Size: Relative to enrollments
Tuition: $126 per 0.5 (half) credit high school course; $153 per credit for university courses (2010-11 tuition prices)
Financial Aid:

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Support Services: Yes, staff of over 120
System Requirements:

Open enrollment

Mission Statement:

BYU Independent Study's mission is to make quality educational experiences available to all who can benefit from individualized learning

School History:

BYU Independent Study was first organized in 1921 as the Bureau of Correspondence. Its original purpose was to assist faculty members and students at Brigham Young University with correspondence instruction, which to this point had been done on an individual basis. At its inception, only university courses were offered; it was not until the 1940s that high school courses were added to the curriculum.
Early high school courses were closely tied to BY High School, the university's laboratory high school. After the school closed in 1968, efforts were made to ensure that the high school curriculum was closely aligned with the standards of local districts, and the curriculum was expanded to reflect the offerings of a large public high school. Up until the 1980s, BYU Independent Study High school courses were designed to increase curricular options for students in small rural schools. Currently BYU Independent Study offers over 500 university, high school, and middle school-level courses.

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