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Address: 1501 Broadway, Suite 1616, New York, NY 10036
Phone Number: 646-559-0278
Person of Contact: Heather McDowell

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Tickle Water is the first and only naturally flavored, sparkling water on the market for kids and adults alike. Our bubbles have no sugar, no sweeteners of any kind, no sodium, no preservatives, and of course zero calories, and a light carbonation level for a refreshing taste. We have 5 delicious sparkling flavors: Watermelon, Orange Mango, Green Apple, Grape and Natural.

Tickle Water comes in a unique to market transparent PET can that is both BPA-free and recyclable. It is 8.0oz, which is the perfect size for kids smaller tummies, for grab n' go, or lunch boxes, or vending.

Tickle Water is the story of a Mom inspired by her son who called sparkling water "tickle water" because the bubbles tickled his tongue. She created Tickle Water to get our children excited about drinking water and in turn drinking less sugary beverages like juice and soda. The brand launched in May of 2016 in New York City, and is growing quickly on the East Coast and Florida. The brand has become the go-to choice for kids, millenials, and moms & dads too.

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