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Basic Information

Address: 397 Academy Dr. SW Calhoun, Ga 30701
County: Gordon
Congregation: Georgia-Cumberland Academy Church
Phone Number: 706-629-4591
Fax Number: 706-629-1272

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Georgia-Cumberland Academy

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Additional Information

President: Dr. Gregory A. Gerard
School Type: Co-educational Boarding High School
Founded: 1965
Conference: Georgia-Cumberland Conference
Union: Southern Union
Division: North American Devision
Organization/Membership: 185
Ages/Grades: Grades 9-12
School Setting:

GCA is nestled in the North Georgia mountains in the small town of Calhoun, Ga. Our Campus is located on 510 acres. The rual setting offers beautiful views of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

School Size: 250
Classroom Size: 25-35
Student/Teacher Ratio: 13-1
Tuition: $17,000 for Boarding, $10,000 for Village
Financial Aid:

We offer various scholarships as well as other financial aid. We also have a work Study program. What the student earns can go towards their monthly bill. Please check on our web site at


College Preparatory and Standard

Percentage of Graduating Class: 99%
Computer Capabilities:

One to one laptop program. Fully functiong website, Full IT support, which includes live streaming, virtual tours, podcasts, photo galleries,
and extensive information and resources.

School Clubs:

National Honor Society, Boys Club, Girls Club

Notable Graduates:

A variety of Church leaders, University Administrators and Professors, Church Administrators.

Uniform Guidelines:

We have Khaki pants for both boys and girls, we have plaid skirts for girls. We also have polos in a a variety of colors. GCA school uniforms must be worn in classes, classroom buildings, library, the administration building, as well as to lunch in the cafeteria. Uniforms must be purchased from American Imaging and Designs which is located on campus.

Admissions Requirements:

Applicatants to GCA must submit the application form completely filled out and two satisfactory recommendations to the registrar's office, and satisfy one of the following conditions at the time of enrollment. 1. Graduate from elementary school (grade 8) with passing grades in English, and math and have a composite score of at least 35% on either the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) or the Test of Achievement and Proficiency (TAP). 2. Transfer from an approved secondary school, with a minimum grade point average, (GPA) of 1.67 and have a composite score of at least 35% on either the ITBS or the TAP. 3. Be at least 14 years of age before August 15 of the current school year and pass the placement test, given at the Academy with at least 90%.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Georgia Cumberland Academy is to foster an educational environment of excellence where students, faculty and staff pursue a shared quest: To know Jesus as Savior and Friend, To love God and those He brings into our lives, to serve the church and society.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We endeavor to pursue our mission in the context of a positive Christian environment with shared values that include:
Spiritual Growth
Commitment to academic integrity
Respect for God, people, and our world
Following a healty, drug-free lifestyle

School History:

GCA opened in 1965 because of the commitment and generosity of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference constituency and leadership. One of the most memorable activities was the Penny Campaign to construct the music building. In 1997 the Blueprint for the 21st Century campaign provided for completely renovatin the dormitories and computer lab.

In It's 44 years, more then 7,000 students have enrolled at GCA.

Located near the rapidly developing I-75 corridor between Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia, GCA is located on 510 acres. The rual setting offers beautiful views of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Notes/School Information:

If you have any other questions about Georgia-Cumberland Academy we will be happy to talk to you at any time.  Please check out our web site, which has the interactive tour.  May God bless you.  Dawn Lemaitre, Director of Enrollment Services. 

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