Woodhouse Academy

Basic Information

Address: 4 Oxford Road Building F Milford, CT 06460 P.O. Box 1086 Orange, CT 06477
County: New Haven
Phone Number: 203 877-9121
Fax Number: 203 877-4453

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: therapeutic day school
Founded: 2001
Ages/Grades: 8-12
School Size: 23 students
Classroom Size: 6-8 students
Student/Teacher Ratio: 3:1

Middle and High School and College Prep with Special Education.

Support Services: Special Education, Counseling, Parent Support, Psychiatric Consultation
Admissions Requirements:

Average and Above Intelligence

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create an academic setting and community where each student is intellectually and educationally engaged and provided with success strategies.

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