Process of Career Planning

The process of career planning is also known as career development stages and career development model. These steps help you in planning your career and deciding about your future.

Self Assessment
Self assessment is a process that helps you in assessing your skills, your potential, your strengths and your ability to fulfill your aims. As the name of the step suggest, you self asses yourself and then based on your analyses and keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind you draft your future plan. By drafting your future plan we mean that executing this step helps you to finalize the profession and career path you want to choose. Make sure that you choose and finalize more than one career, keep one or two careers in case you decide to roll back. In case the career you chose does not satisfies you or later in time you come to know that this was not meant for you then in that case you must have a backup plan.

Self Development
Once you have self analyzed yourself the second step that await your attention is to fill the loopholes you have identified in the above step. By this we mean that in this step you have to see that what are the qualities and skills that are required by you to help you achieve your aims and goals. For instance you might decide that you need training or a particular course in a field in order to make you perfect for the profession you have chosen.[3]

It could be that you are interested in painting but you are not much aware of the trends or the knowledge that is required for this field. Or there can be a case where you are interested and much aware about a profession like teaching but you do not yet know that what is the niche level that is meant for you like and the subjects you can carry off pretty well.

A Thorough Research Self Development
Once you have list down the careers that are favorable in your case and the skills and improvements that are required by you in order to achieve excellence the third step requires you to do an intensive research and see that what that are findings related to career options and the skills that are required to make you champion in that. You research will be looking into following questions:

What is the scope of the career you have chosen?
Will that career pay you off in the future?
Is there room for expansion in that career field?

Come up with Action Form
Once you have researched the feasibility of the factors that you have finalized in above steps, the next step is to show some action and translate your plans on a piece of page. This step requires you to make plan as in how you are going to achieve and fulfill the steps you have decided above. The best way to come with an action plan is to come up with small goals for oneself. Once these small goals are achieved, we can see that how much close we are to our main aim and major goal. This small step acts as a path way to the main aim.

Once you are done with small goals and the main aim, the next step remains to start implementing your plans. Keep a very close track of your activities to make sure that you are on the right track and that by following this path you are surely going to achieve you goal!