Background of Hypatia Transracialism Controversy

Founded by Azizah Y. al-Hibri in 1986 and published by John Wiley & Sons, Hypatia is owned by a non-profit corporation, Hypatia, Inc. At the time of the dispute Miriam Solomon (Temple) was president of the board of directors and Sally Scholz (Villanova) editor-in-chief. In addition to the directors and editorial staff, in April 2017 there was a 25-strong editorial board; a 10-member advisory board; 12 local editorial advisors; and a board of 10 associate editors. The associate editors, who appointed the editors-in-chief and advised on editorial policy, consisted of Linda Martín Alcoff (CUNY); Ann Cahill (Elon); Kim Hall (App State); Cressida Heyes (Alberta); Karen Jones (Melbourne); Kyoo Lee (John Jay); Mariana Ortega (John Carroll); Ásta Kristjana Sveinsdóttir (SFSU); Alison Wylie (Washington); and George Yancy (Emory).

Rebecca Tuvel was born in Toronto, Canada, to a Jewish family; her mother is a pharmacist and her father a dentist. Tuvel attributes her interest in justice to the loss of family members during the Holocaust; both her grandfathers were survivors. Also interested in feminist philosophy, the philosophy of race, and animal ethics, Tuvel completed her BA at McGill University in 2007, and obtained her PhD in 2014 from Vanderbilt University for a thesis entitled Epistemic Injustice Expanded: A Feminist, Animal Studies Approach. In the fall of 2014 she joined Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, as an assistant professor of philosophy.