Education in Kenya

The current education system is organised into five main levels:
Early childhood education (ECE)

Kindergarten year 1 (KG1)
Kindergarten year 2 (KG2)
Kindergarten year 3 (KG3) or nursery school

Basic education (KCPE-KCSE)
Lower primary: 4 years
Upper primary: 4 years
High school: 4 years
Adult education (Gumbaro)

Vocational training
Artisan level: 1 term/semester
Craft level: 2 terms/semesters

Professional training
Technician (certificate) level: 6 terms/semesters
Technologist (diploma or bachelor's degree) level: 9 terms/semesters
Statutory registration and licensing (examinations/internship) level: 1 year
Specialist technologist (higher diploma or master's degree) level: 3 terms/semesters
Sub-specialist level (higher diploma, master's degree or PhD)

University programmes
Certificate: 1 semester
Ordinary diploma: 2 semesters (minimum)
Undergraduate degree: 8 semesters
Postgraduate diploma: 2 semesters
Bachelor of Philosophy or Master's degree: 4 semesters (minimum)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree