Academic Integrity during COVID-19

The impact on academic integrity has been observed around the world. A rise in contract cheating and academic file-sharing, and exam cheating were identified as particularly problematic. Due to the fact that learning is mostly remote since the start of COVID-19 in March, cheating has become far easier for students. There is no remorse from students since attitudes have shifted away from prioritizing education over other things. From the point of view of teachers' rights, online education has exposed various as yet unresolved legal issues, especially in terms of copyright and how to deal with unapproved misuse of lectures.

Many institutions turned to commercial services to take over exam proctoring, but almost immediately concerns were raised about student privacy, surveillance, and the impact on student mental health.

The lack of student to teacher interaction has also led students to feel less passionate about the integrity of their work. This leaves students to turn in half-completed assignments, get the answers from their friends in class, or turn in nothing at all simply because education has become less important due to COVID-19.