Use of Technology in Active Learning

To have active learning experience, use of technology tools and multimedia helps enhance the atmosphere of the classroom. Each student actively engages in the learning process. Using movies and games the teacher can make the experience more effective. The theoretical foundation of this learning process are :

Flow: Flow is a concept to enhance the focus level of the student as each and every individual becomes aware and completely involved in the learning atmosphere. In accordance with one's own capability and potential, through self-awareness, students perform the task at hand. The first methodology to measure flow was Csikszentmihalyi's Experience Sampling (ESM).

Learning Styles: Acquiring knowledge through one's own technique is called learning style. Learning occurs in accordance with one's own potential as every child is different and has potential in different areas. It caters to all kinds of learners: visual, kinaesthetic, cognitive and affective.

Locus of Control: Ones with high internal locus of control believe that every situation or event is attributable to their resources and behavior. Ones with high external locus of control believe that nothing is under their control.

Intrinsic Motivation: Intrinsic motivation is a factor that deals with self-perception about the task at hand. Interest, attitude, and results depend on the self-perception of the given activity.