Chicago GEAR UP Alliance

The Chicago GEAR UP Alliance has been in existence since 1999, and since then has been operating out of the Center for College Access and Success. The fiscal institution for the Chicago GEAR UP Alliance is Northeastern Illinois University, and they partner with many local higher education institutions such as Roosevelt University, DePaul University, Loyola University, Truman College, while also partnering with community based organizations such as Heartland Alliance, Youth Guidance, and New Concepts Mentor Connection. The Chicago GEAR UP Alliance works with the Chicago Public Schools to combine resources, knowledge, and experience to implement their plan within the Chicago Public School System. The last graduating class for the Chicago GEAR UP Alliance was the class of 2011, which featured 65% of students enroll in college, 95% of students complete the FAFSA, received over $30 million in scholarship awards, and out of the 24 Gates Foundation Scholarship award winners, 12 of them were GEAR UP students. The class of 2011 also saw more than 80% of the students graduate high school, and of the 65% of students who enrolled in college, 64% of those students continued their college careers beyond their first year.

One of the staples of the Chicago GEAR UP Alliance is the "Freshman Connection" program. The Freshman Connection program has been directly associate with a 5.4% increase in student on-track stauts and a 4% increase in student passing algebra rate. When comparing non-GEAR UP students with GEAR UP students at the end of their freshman year in high school, the students who participated in Freshman Connection were 6% more likely to graduate on time, and 6% more likely to stay in college beyond their first year.

On September 22, 2014, Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education, announced that there will be $82 million given to 41 different grants across the country. Of these 41 grants, Northeastern Illinois University will receive the largest, totaling $40 million over a span of 7 years. This money will reach 14 high schools and 36 elementary and middle schools in the Chicago Public School system.

Currently, the Chicago GEAR UP Alliance operates within these high schools for the classes of:

2016 and 2017: Clark, Clemente, Curie, Foreman, Harlan, Kelly, and Roosevelt High School.

2017 and 2018: Bogan, Corliss, Douglass, Dunbar, Farragut, Foreman, Hancock, Harlan, Hope, Hubbard, Hyde Park, Julian, Kelvyn Park, Little Village, Manley, Raby, Robeson, Roosevelt, Senn, Solorio, Spry Community Links, Engelwood Technical Prep Academy, Uplift, and Well Community Academy.

2020 and 2021: Bogan, Farragut, Foreman, Goode, Harlan, Hubbard, Julian, Kelly, Morgan Park, Robeson, Roosevelt, Senn, Solorio, and Engelwood Technical Prep Academy.