In this part:

(1) ADULT CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION- The term adult correctional institution' means a facility in which persons (including persons under 21 years of age) are confined as a result of a conviction for a criminal offense.

(2) AT-RISK- The term at-risk', when used with respect to a child, youth, or student, means a school aged individual who is at-risk of academic failure, has a drug or alcohol problem, is pregnant or is a parent, has come into contact with the juvenile justice system in the past, is at least 1 year behind the expected grade level for the age of the individual, has limited English proficiency, is a gang member, has dropped out of school in the past, or has a high absenteeism rate at school.

(3) COMMUNITY DAY PROGRAM- The term community day program' means a regular program of instruction provided by a State agency at a community day school operated specifically for neglected or delinquent children and youth.

(4) INSTITUTION FOR NEGLECTED OR DELINQUENT CHILDREN AND YOUTH- The term institution for neglected or delinquent children and youth' means --

(A) a public or private residential facility, other than a foster home, that is operated for the care of children who have been committed to the institution or voluntarily placed in the institution under applicable State law, due to abandonment, neglect, or death of their parents or guardians; or

(B) a public or private residential facility for the care of children who have been adjudicated to be delinquent or in need of supervision.