(a) USES-

(1) IN GENERAL- A State agency shall use funds received under this subpart only for programs and projects that --

(A) are consistent with the State plan under section 1414(a); and

(B) concentrate on providing participants with the knowledge and skills needed to make a successful transition to secondary school completion, vocational or technical training, further education, or employment.

(2) PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS- Such programs and projects --

(A) may include the acquisition of equipment;

(B) shall be designed to support educational services that --

(i) except for institution-wide projects under section 1416, are provided to children and youth identified by the State agency as failing, or most at-risk of failing, to meet the State's challenging academic content standards and student academic achievement standards;

(ii) supplement and improve the quality of the educational services provided to such children and youth by the State agency; and

(iii) afford such children and youth an opportunity to meet challenging State academic achievement standards;

(C) shall be carried out in a manner consistent with section 1120A and part I (as applied to programs and projects under this part); and

(D) may include the costs of meeting the evaluation requirements of section 9601.

(b) SUPPLEMENT, NOT SUPPLANT- A program under this subpart that supplements the number of hours of instruction students receive from State and local sources shall be considered to comply with the supplement, not supplant requirement of section 1120A (as applied to this part) without regard to the subject areas in which instruction is given during those hours.