Competition Structure

The competition lasts for two days. One day is devoted to theoretical problems (three problems involving at least four areas of physics taught in secondary schools). Another day is devoted to experimental problems (one or two problems). These two days are separated by at least one day of rest. On both occasions the time allotted for solving the problems is five hours. Each team consists of students from general or technical secondary schools (not colleges or universities). Typically each team consists of five students (pupils) and two supervisors.

The contestants who get more than 90% of the mean value receive first prizes. The contestants who obtain between 78% and 90% receive second prizes. The contestants who obtain between 65% and 78% receive third prizes. The contestants who obtained between 50% and 65% receive commendations called honorable mentions. All other participants receive certificates of participation. The participant with the highest score (Absolute Winner) receives an additional prize.