SAT Reasoning Test II

The SAT Subject Tests are 20 one-hour multiple-choice tests given in individual subjects. A student chooses which ones he or she will take, depending upon individual factors, such as college entrance requirements. Until 1994, the SAT Subject Tests were known as Achievement Tests; until January 2005 they were known as as SAT IIs, the name by which they are still well known. The exception to the one-hour time was the Writing test, which was divided into a 20-minute essay question and a 40-minute multiple choice section; it was discontinued after January 2005. A student may take up to three SAT Subject tests on any given date, which are the same dates as for the administration of the SAT Reasoning Test.

The 20 Subject Tests are by Category:

English: Literature

History & Social Studies: U.S. History; World History

Mathematics: Mathematics Level 1 & 2

Science: Biology E/M (Ecological/Molecular); Chemistry; Physics

Languages: Chinese w/ Listening; French; French w/ Listening; German; German w/ Listening; Spanish; Spanish w/ Listening; Modern Hebrew; Italian; Hebrew; Italian; Latin; Japanese w/ Listening; Korean w/ Listening