Organizing Content

Basic questions

* For whom do we create e-learning content
* What do they need to learn
* How do we organize the content
* Which tools / platform do we use? For creating? For delivering?
* How do we address different learning styles?

Creating Media
* Text
* Pictures
* Sound
* Video
* Educational animation
* Interactive exercises

Binding it Together
Most often HTML is used to bind together the different e-learning media. Sometimes XML based files are created which are then rendered to HTML/CSS/JavaScript by using an XSLT transformation. However often proprietary technologies are used like Macromedia Flash, an authoring tool, which leverages the JavaScript-like language called ActionScript to enable advanced functionality and interactivity. Data conferencing applications are sometimes used to share and manipulate e-learning media.

One standard for presenting e-learning content is SCORM whilst other specifications allow for the transporting of "learning objects" (Schools Interoperability Framework) or categorizing meta-data(UKLOM).