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Psychological First Aid For Wounded Parental Self-Esteem

What advice do you have for a parent who often is hampered by their own low self-esteem?

The Benefits Of Early Diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome

Our six year old is showing many signs of Aspergers Syndrome, We don't want to label him but know he probably has it. What should we do?

Helping Children Understand Social Shades Of Gray

My 9 year old son is constantly accusing others of being mean but I think it has more to do with how he defines the behavior of his peers. Help is appreciated!

Preserving Healthy Relationships With Young Adult Children

We have two adult kids living at home and all the baggage that comes with it. Any helpful ideas?

Navigating Around Parenting Blind Spots When Raising Challenging Children

What advice do you have for parents who are constantly messing up in raising two challenging kids?

Finding Your Parenting Path With Your Autistic Child

Any parenting advice for children on the autistic spectrum?

When Frightening News Leads To Young Children's Sleepless Nights

What advice do you have for young kids having trouble falling asleep due to recent events?

Helping your Child Become a Better Writer

The best way to help your child become a better writer is to separate the mechanics of writing (grammar, punctuation, handwriting, spelling) from the creative part. Your child's strength is in his vivid imagination - an important asset in all writers. Help your child learn that writing is a two-stage process: the first stage is getting the ideas on paper; the second step is correcting or editing the work. When writing the first draft of an essay or story, encourage your child to write things down in whatever form or order he is comfortable with.

Is Your Child on the Right Path to Reading?

It is critical to identify a child's reading problems before he or she fails. Even some children whom one might suspect do not need early assessment and monitoring should have it just the same. Some exceptionally bright children, for example, may learn to read early on and just skip over learning phonologic skills. These children memorize a lot of words very easily and quickly build a large reading vocabulary.