10 Tips to Improve Reading Scores

 By Dr. Stephen Jones

Has the growth and technology decreased reading scores? Are students reading less? This is a big topic of discussion in many education circles. Everyday students are on computers, Ipads, Kindles and other devices. Students are getting information much faster and they are very enticed by three dimensional images. In spite of all of this technology it is still important to read. Learning to read feeds students brains and it challenges them to grow intellectually and emotionally. Students can benefit from reading at home and while in school. Some of the best conversations can occur between a parent and student when they have read a book that they find interesting.

It is never too late to get your entire school to get focused on increasing reading scores. Have meetings to enable of the schools teachers listen to the creative reading activities that teachers are using in different classrooms. A significant improvement in reading can spill over into math and science classes too. Here are 10 tips to improve your students reading scores.
1. Read a book and then go to see the play or get the video to review.
2. Each child should read 30 to 40 minutes each day. Set a daily reading goal.
3. Encourage your students to write poetry, poems and short stories.
4. Feature the students poetry, poems and short stories in an open display each week.
5. Purchase books on tape and let the students read along.
6. Get teenagers to come in and read books with your students.
7. Let the students identify some of the books that they would like to read.
8. Get permission to create videos of students reading their favorite book and telling why they like it.
9. Visit a library where they are having a book reading.
10. Organize a reading club
Don’t give up on your students and you will be rewarded. Some students are not reading at their grade level and they will need time to catch up. Just by changing the reading ability of one student you can change the atmosphere in an entire room. Students can truly tell when you are invested in their success.
I have formed partnership to increase reading scores while also raising money for schools. If you are interested contact Ed Monagle at 908-463-5047 or visit http://www.launchpadlearning.net/wordpress/home.  You can raech Dr. Stephen Jones at 610-842-3843.