Bullying can be stopped with Education

Another week of education on this serious topic that really needs more attention. The problem of bullying which I always refer to as Peer Abuse. I call it the “B” word because it’s the one word that society wants to hang on to. As society hangs onto this word, I also read an article where it was stated that nothing could be done about the problem of bullying in this nation. What do I say to that? Hogwash!

We are a society today that is impatient. We want things and we want them done now! Never mind that things take time and must be learned first. It is about seeing something, finding a quick solution and moving forward. Finding solutions are great and yes, it makes the problem go away. Here is the thing though: how can we find a solution when we have no understanding of the problem itself? Okay, so we think we understand the problem but do we really? If someone were to approach me and ask if I would fly a helicopter I would be completely useless. How can I fly a helicopter when I do not even know the first thing about trying to fly one?

Folks, there are solutions to this problem. Yes, it can be stopped. However, in order to stop it, you must try to understand what it is you are trying to stop. Has anyone sat down and read information on what makes up a bully? What about a bystander? Why is it they follow the bully? What about those who are bullied? Why is that? Do we really know? Have we stopped to consider the background of the bully? That someday he or she could grow up and go to prison for not obeying the law? How about the hot spots within the school campus? Adult intervention taking the time to teach exercises on being inclusive? Most importantly that it is outright abuse and victims are psychologically damaged by this for the rest of their lives in some cases? If seeing this occurring why not do what you can to stop it? Alert someone? Like child, sexual, domestic and elder abuse bullying is also a form of abuse; Peer Abuse. Its high time we see this for what it is instead of going through life with blinders on.

Please, before you try to solve this problem, please try to get educated. Its not that people are overly sensitive. Quite the opposite in fact. We are growing worse each day and this problem is increasing. This should never have been allowed to be acceptable behavior in the first place. It is rude and mean and there is absolutely no excuse for it. Its time to get educated and learn the ways to nip it in the bud. A society without bullying would decrease the stress we all live under. Wouldn’t that be a nice change? Something to think about.