How to Succeed on Final Examinations

 Dr. Stephen Jones

Do you want to achieve an A+ on your next final examination?  There are seven study tips that they have learned to use: (1). Start reading your chapters right away, (2). Pick up other books at the library, (3) always manage your time, (4) research your course topics over the internet and (5) form a study group, (6) create your own final examination questions and (7) eat healthy meals.  Go into each examination with a positive attitude.  The studying that you do prior at the beginning of the month will help you to achieve better grades on your final examinations.  The best students focus on having a great awareness of all of the requirements for each test.  Meet with each instructor to get final examination tips.

Take advantage of the technology that is all around you.  There are all types of gadgets that are essential for 21st century students.  Every student should have a laptop that connects to the internet and prints documents.  Consider purchasing an IPOD which  a be used to download educational information.  There are programmable calculators that help with complex math problems.  There is also the new IPAD that stores books and listen to recordings that are related to your final examination topic.  All of these technologies are converging to provide a wealth of knowledge for everyone.

The potential for independent learning opportunities is growing each year.  You can be successful when you pursue knowledge with other friends.  Make a commitment to forming a study group.  You can meet in person or over the telephone.  Hand out assignments by way of email.  Each person must answer the assignment questions.  Then set a time to meet in person or over the telephone.   A group that starts out with a strong effort by everyone  will have a greater chance of lasting until the end of the final examination week.

Students who want to have success on every test must be prepared.  Too many students who are in high school  and college have a habit of waiting until the last minute to study.  Students need better organization and a time management schedule to plan study time for every test.     If you have a schedule you can study four or five days prior to your examination.  You can surprise your instructor when your grades jump from a “B” to an “A+.”     Improving your grades will give you greater confidence on other tests that you encounter.  Time to get ready for a inspiring final examination experience. For more information visit or call 610-842-3843