A legitimate visitor? How do you know?


The bigger a school gets, the harder it is to know every employee. So how do you know who is authorized to be in your facility — and who isn’t? 
Take this short quiz to see how well visitors are managed at your place:
1. If employees are required to wear I.D. badges, does that mean everyone who doesn’t is an authorized visitor?
2. If you require visitors to wear name tags, how do you know they didn’t get them at an office supply store? (“Hello, my name is ...”)
3. If you have your visitor badges specially printed (to discourage forgery), how do you know that visitor checked in at the front desk today? (They could be using a discarded badge they found outside.)
All of these concerns are easily, effectively, and affordably addressed with Data Management, Inc.’s Visitor Pass Registry Book.
“Visitor Pass ensures at a glance which visitors are supposed to be here,” says Deidre Reidy, Facilities Manager for River Street School in Windsor, Connecticut. “We wanted passes that would be really specific for us, and Data Management was very easy to work with.”
Christopher Scott, Assistant Security Director at Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Torrance, California, agrees. “Our consultant listened to my needs, which ended in a personally catered and tailored product.”
This doesn’t mean you have to wait a long time to get just what you want. Most custom-printed Visitor Pass Registry Books ship within two business days. Books are also available with special “expiring” badges that change color overnight to prevent reuse (and unauthorized re-entry).
“For identifying authorized guests in our hospital,” says Edward McDonald, Safety and Security Services Manager at Euclid Hospital in Euclid, Ohio, “The self-expiring badge is excellent.”
Data Management, Inc., of Farmington, Connecticut, is a privately owned manufacturer of specialized printed products. Founded in 1961, its variety of innovative solutions helps users save time and money while keeping better records and protecting their employees and guests. For additional information, visit www.VisitorPassSolutions.com or call 800-243-1969 (U.S. and Canada) or +1-860-677-8586 ext. 370 (international).
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