What is Peer Abuse: The Importance in a Name

Most, if not all of you are familiar with the 5 W's of Peer Abuse. We have an idea about it being like bullying and in essence, it is
bullying. However, Peer Abuse needs to be recognized for what it is PEER ABUSE and it is time to think of it in clinical terms.

Bullying has always been the word because it was what we always refered to those who picked on, harassed and made life miserable for those that were not "meeting their expectiations".

Also, we were always taught to ignore them and maybe they will go away? Well, what people are beginning to realize is that "hey, there is some psychological trauma going on here" and it goes a little further than the "sticks and stones" theory. However, in order for this to be taken seriously, it needs to be defined in a serious and clinical manner.

Even though the term "bullying" is a familiar one, it is not a clinical one. I have found a lot of the patterns of trauma (from very mild to very intense) in those who are victims of being "bullied".

According to the American Psychological Association (APA)Task Force, trauma occurs when one's self and safety is being hindered that leaves marks on their view of the world. This includes fears, helpless feelings, thoughts and perceptions that become skewed.

Each form of abuse such as child, sexual, domestic and combat all fall under this category. However, what about Peer Abuse? Many victims I know have suffered these feelings and even so extreme as to develop possible PTSD or Social Anxiety. However, WHY isn't this being taken as seriously as
the other forms of abuse? If there are laws against Domestic Abuse, why not Peer Abuse also?

With this in mind, we need to keep this TERM in mind. I, for one, am going to continue to refer to this AS Peer Abuse. I feel it deserves the same laws and protection than any other form of abuse does. Afterall, it seems to fall under these APA guidelines for abuse and trauma.

This is just food for thought, however, it is something to keep in