Words Do Hurt!

Recently, an article came out about the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania and that through the week of October 19-25 they would be seeking out various members of the community in trying to promote better awareness of the problem of Relational Aggression that exists amongst girls and women today.

Relational Aggression is generally used in cliques with gossip and exclusion of others. These girl bullies are generally considered "Mean Girls". Girls will spread lies about one another which keeps the rumor mill going. Also, they will exclude others and on purpose. This can also occur with cyber bullying when someone goes online, texts or uses other form of communication to gossip and keep rumors going. This behavior is dangerous to everyone involved and the target can suffer anxiety, depression, bullycide and other psychological issues that stay with them for a lifetime as a result of this. As a society, we have always been told to ignore these behaviors, move on to find another group of friends but at the end of the day, this only increases the trauma being experienced. Words really do hurt and hit at the core of our being. When lies are being circulated about someone it can lead to various problems as well. The sad thing is that this is not just playground behavior any longer. Women are just as guilty of this behavior at work or in their own circle of friends. Television shows like Desperate Housewives, Dallas Divas and Daughters are just a couple of examples that show Relational Aggression amongst women.

As a society, it is vital that we wake up and take these problems seriously. Children are dying daily as a result of this and the numbers are increasing. It is something that cannot be ignored any longer. I commend the Girls Scouts in Pennsylvania for taking a stand against this and fostering a safe and comfortable environment for their girls to be a part of. After all, words do not only hurt but can kill. Something to think about...