You can stop ADHD in 18 Days

Imagine that you are a ten year-old child. You have a child's nervous, excited energy…even more so than other children your age. You are just as bright as your classmates, but your grades done reflect it. You just can't seem to focus on your classes. While your teacher is talking, your eyes dart around the room. Perhaps your foot taps anxiously, or you doodle incessantly when you should be taking notes. You are frequently called down in your class for being disruptive. Your teachers and parents become frustrated with you—you become frustrated with yourself. You begin to feel that you're just stupid. Try as you might, you just can't seem to pay attention.

Now, imagine that you're the parent of the child described above. You know your child is talented and intelligent, and you want to help him conquer this crippling problem. Your child's teacher and pediatrician recommend Ritalin, but you've read about the potential side effects of these medications. You don't feel comfortable medicating your child, yet you don't know any other way to help him. What should you do? Millions of parents and children struggle with the hypothetical problem you just read. Attention deficit disorder is one of the most frequently diagnosed health issues among American children. Every day, nearly 5 million children and young adults take some form of psycho active medication to control this labeled condition, constituting a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry built around controlling symptoms. There is an estimated 8 million adults with ADHD. It seems from my natural health care experience today, all kidding aside, ADHD kids have ADHD parents!

In my clinical practice, I have observed the number one cause for ADHD, ADD, ODD (opposition defiant disorder) and Hyperactivity is the improper metabolism of fats. This may surprise you but, our body needs fat to function—brain function in particular is dependent upon the presence of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA for short). The brain communicates in many ways with the body, one of them is on a layer of fat or myelin sheath on top of nerves.. The brain sends messages that regulate body balance and function on these nerves. You would do best to have the finest ingredients in your diet resulting in the proper formation of DHA. Your body takes the food you eat and moves it along certain chemical building pathways to make it correct for various functions. The main pathway to make long chain fats for the brain, heart and pain relief is called, (and don't be overwhelmed) the alpha-linolenic pathway ( ALA pathway).

I would like to have a little simple chemistry with you right now. Yes I said simple. These are two essential fatty acids. These are fats that you must eat in your diet or essential. Alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3) and linolenic acid (Omega 6) are the two essential fats. . Arachidonic acid, another fat is not essential because it can be made y from linolenic acid, or consumed directly from milk, meat and shellfish. DHA the brain fat can only be directly sourced from fish, especially salmon.

The main cause of improper fat metabolism is Trans fat (or also called partially hydrogenated fat) consumption. These are the fasts found in snack foods, fast foods and many common convenience items that the American families and school lunch programs are accustomed to. The metabolic pathway described above is sabotaged when you eat from these food groups. Unfortunately, partially hydrogenated foods are common in public school cafeterias. Twenty eight million kids eat from the National school lunch system everyday. STAGGERING. The General Accounting Office (GAO) reported recently that 34% of our public diet is fat (and not the good stuff). There are over EIGHT BILLION POUNDS of trans fat produced in America every year.

The half-life of trans fat is 51 days. This means 51 days after the consumption of trans fat, half of the negative effects are still in the body; in 102 days 25% of the trans fat is still interrupting the ALA-DHA pathway. This is not good.

Now here is better news. The fat molecules found in oils like flax, walnuts, mixed green salads and other green food or CIS fat is 18 days. . Partially hydrogenated TRANS FAT is found in most snack and fast food items (commercial grade peanut butter is loaded with it). By the way, peanut butter is one of the top legumes consumed today. Peanuts are not nuts, and are a common cause of sinus problems. One-third of the youth in America between the ages of four and nineteen eat at a fast food restaurant everyday. The food item of choice at a fast food restaurant is a chicken nugget, loaded with trans fat. So that means those fats, when consumed will throw off DHA fat metabolism for over three months. Now think about that the next time you are in a hurry and go through a drive thru. You and your children's emotional health are affected by eating these snack and convenience foods. I see this in my practice every day. We celebrate the victories with families who learn this and make the appropriate modifications that I discuss in my book, “Dr. Bob's Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days: A Drugless Family Guide to Optimal Health:

I completed a pilot program while doing the research for the book. We took many participants, young and old and had them eliminate dairy, trans fat and sugar from their diets for 102 days. We added flax, minerals and B vitamins to the protocol as described in Chapter 18 of the book. Guess what? They had significant improvement in 18 days, or the half-life of CIS fat. We see the same results in our practice every day in our office and you will to.

There are several other factors that can interfere with the production of DHA. Experience strongly suggests that sugar can lead to behavior problems; the reason that has not been fully understood by other researchers is the fact that sugar depletes the body of minerals and vitamins to make high-grade brain fat in the ALA pathway. Sugar depletes many essential constituents needed to make DHA, and the average American consumes 149 pounds of sugar every year! I recommend alternative sweeteners that satisfy the sweet tooth but do not upset the nutrient balance – examples include brown rice syrup, maple syrup and stevia. We do not encourage Sucralose commercially know as Splenda.

There has been an ongoing debate on how to treat hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, and ODD. Parents may fear altering their child's medication, fear that the child may be removed from school, fear poor grades will result, fear that their doctor may be upset, etc.


  1. Eliminate hydrogenated fats. Cleanse your body! Eliminate trans fat for at least 102 days. You need to use this three-month plus period to cleanse the toxins from your system.
  2. Eliminate dairy products for a minimum of 102 days. The fatty acid in milk or dairy products, when out of balance and over consumed, interferes with the metabolism of pain-relieving fats in your body.
  3. Eliminate all refined sugar, as well as corn syrup, fruit juices, dried fruits, and very sweet fruits (bananas, grapes, pineapple). Fruits that are too sweet can cause sugar cravings and my exacerbate attention problems.
  4. Discontinue eating foods containing additives, preservatives, and artificial colorings. These foods are a trigger for some children.
  5. Determine allergic foods and eliminate them from the diet.
  6. Supplement with fish oil capsules, flax oil, B-complex vitamins, and whole food minerals.
  7. Consider subluxation treatment. Subluxation is a condition brought about when a spinal bone displaces and /or presses on nerves that carry information from the brain through the spinal cord to organs. For many years, doctors who have removed subluxation have reported success with hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD and ODD,

Children are confronted with food choices at every turn, and you may not always be around to guide their decisions. Confronting family members, school officials, and anyone else who makes food choices for your child is paramount. Most importantly, remember that your child needs your support, encouragement and commitment to better their health. It may seem overwhelming to make the necessary changes, but it is not impossible. I have worked with people just like you. Your situation may be similar or different, but anyone can work to create a happy and healthy environment. One mother put it so succinctly, “We decided to choose life.”