Second-Generation Antipsychotic Treatment Indication Effectiveness and Tolerability in Youth Study (SATIETY)

Focus of Study: 

Weight gain monitoring in persons taking antipsychotic medication


This research study is a weight gain monitoring study.  It is not a treatment study and there are no study medications to take.  Research study participants will be monitored (physical exam, blood work, and meeting with study physician) at 7 time points through one year.

Subjects may be paid up to $175 to participate in and complete this study.  Study visits will be free of charge (including lab work), and transportation may be provided if needed.


Primary Completion Date: 
Ages of Eligibility: 
3-19 years
Inclusion Criteria: 
  • Between the ages of 3 and 19,  male or female, any race or ethnicity
  • Diagnosis of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder, Bipolar Spectrum Disorder, or Mood Disorder NOS
  • Currently taking olanzapine, quetiapine, risperidone, ziprasidone, or aripiprazole
Exclusion Criteria: 
  • Severe medical disorder (i.e., AIDS, cancer, sepsis, etc)
  •  Active hyper-/hypothyroidism
  • Any current or past diagnosis of an eating disorder
  •  Pregnancy or breast feeding

Contact person: Adrienne Albano       

Phone: 1-800-708-0048            



UNC outpatient/UNC inpatient

Sponsors & Collaborators: 

Foundation of Hope


Linmarie Sikich, MD