Culture of The Sociology of Autism

With the recent increases in autism rates, an autistic culture has begun to develop. Similar to deaf culture, autistic culture is based in a belief that autism is a unique way of being and not a disorder to be cured. There are some commonalities which are specific to autism in general as a culture, not just "autistic culture".

It is a common misperception that people with autism do not marry; many do get married. Often, it is to another person with autism, although this is not always the case. Many times this is due to shared interests or obsessions, but more often than not it is due to more compatibility with personality types. Autistic's who communicate have explained that companionship is as important to autistic's as it is to anyone else. Multigenerational autistic families have also recently become a bit more common.

Interests with autistic people and so-called "geek's" or "nerds" can often overlap as autistic people can sometimes become preoccupied with certain subjects much like the variant normal behavior geek's experience. However, in practice many autistic people have difficulty with working in groups, which impairs them even in the most "technical" of situations.