Students with Dyscalculia

For students who have this problem, there are many ways to handle the issue.

- Give them extra time to solve the problem
- Make sure they understand the problem at hand
- Attempt to determine if the learning style is visual, auditory or kinesthetic
- Encourage students to visualize the problem
- Some students methods may be different from others, or even your on. If it is effective, encourage it.
- Have them read the problem out loud and carefully
- Provide examples & issues in real life relating to the problem
- Provide uncluttered worksheets
- Rhythm or music may help the process as they will need extra time memorizing the problems, and repetition is important.
- Dyscalculia students who are also dyslexic may have too poor memory to memorize the problems at all. In this case be sure to focus on strengthening basic numerical bonds and then use calculation strategies.
- Do not scold or pity the student