Dyspraxia Support

School Counselors and agencies can help better assest and support those with Dyspraxia. Reports are done detailing the following:
- Development history with motor milestones
- Patterns of social interaction, communication & behavior
- Educational history and observations of learning styles
- Views of the child
- The level of the child's overall educational support
- resources, equipment & facilities to help support the child

Paediatric Occupational Therapist:
The Paediatric Occupational Therapist provides information, advice & guidance for children with Dyspraxia. They provide equipment for improving children's access to activities & implements programs to support perceptual difficulties & develop fine motor co-ordination.

Speech & Language Therapist:
The Speech Therapist supports Dyspraxia children who's disability has manifested to speech. They provide speech intervention programs to be delivered in school.

Educational Psychologist:
The educational psychologist assesses children relation to developmental profiles.

Health Visitor:
The health visitor may assist the diagnosis of dyspraxia for Pre school aged children.