Symptoms of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome

One or more of these symptoms may be related to the condition:



Headaches (including migraine)

Nausea, including visually related motion sickness

Problems with depth perception (catching balls, judging distance, etc.)

Restricted field of view and span of recognition

Discomfort with busy patterns, particularly stripes ("visual stress" and "pattern glare")

Discomfort with extreme conditions of bright/dark contrast (i.e. backlighting)

Discomfort or difficulty reading (reading involves busy patterns, particularly stripes. People with strong symptoms of the syndrome find it very difficult to read black text on white paper, particularly when the paper is slightly shiny.)

Text that appears to move (rise, fall, swirl, shake, etc.)

Losing text content and only seeing rivers of white through the text

Words moving together becoming one unrecognizable word

Attention and concentration difficulties

Seeing the part and losing the whole

Epileptic seizure related to strobing or pattern glare