References in Pop Culture

The entertainment industry has often depicted those with TS as being social misfits whose only tic is coprolalia, which has led to the general public's misunderstanding of TS sufferers as "people who can't help yelling swear words a lot". However, this is merely a clinomorphism, as coprolalia is a relatively rare symptom compared to other types of tics. An infamous incident of disinformation about coprolalia and Tourette's involved Dr. Laura Schlessinger

In fiction
* Matchstick Men's protagonist (Nicolas Cage) is a neurotic con artist with Tourette's and OCD.

* The Tic Code stars Gregory Hines as a saxophone player with TS who befriends a 10 year old boy who wants to be a jazz pianist (and also has TS). Written by Polly Draper, and produced with her husband Michael Wolff who has Tourette's in real life.

* In Niagara, Niagara, Robin Tunney plays a unconventional girl with TS who goes on a road trip with a guy she meets in a drugstore.

* In Wedding Crashers, John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) excuses Jeremy Grey's (Vince Vaughn) cursing at a wedding as a case of Tourette's.

* In The Wedding Singer, when Adam Sandler's character states that his nephew "...might have Tourette's, we're looking into it" after the aforementioned young nephew walks up to his Adam's fiancee and says "Linda, you're a bitch"

* In Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 3, Episode 10, "The Grand Opening", with only days until the opening of his new Restaurant, Larry hires a new chef with Tourettes syndrome

* In The Boondock Saints, an elderly pub bartender suffers from Tourette's.

* In Not Another Teen Movie, a girl who tries out for the cheerleading squad has Tourette's.

* In The Big White, the wife has Tourette syndrome.

* In Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, one of Deuce's (Rob Schneider) crazy dates is a character with Tourette Syndrome who continuously yells curse words to people on the street.

* In What About Bob, Bob (Bill Murray) pretends to have Tourette Syndrome

* In The New Guy, Dizzy Harrison/ Gil Harris (DJ Qualls) has tourette syndrome.

* In Dirty Filthy Love, Michael Sheen, Shirley Henderson. tells the story of Mark Furness (Michael Sheen) with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Tourette's negotiating his way through divorce, his best friend's matchmaking efforts and a woman who introduces him to therapy, filth and unconditional love.

* In The Simpsons, Season 4, Episode 7, "Marge Gets a Job", Ms Krabappel is recounting all the diseases and illnesses Bart has claimed to have to excuse himself for a test. The last excuse she says "and that unfortunate case of Tourette's Syndrome" to which Bart tries to pretend he still might have it by cursing and rambling. The mention of Tourette's caused many complaints upon the episode airing and the line was changed to "and that unfortunate case of Rabies". It has been claimed that the syndicated version was changed back to the original line but the episode on The Simpsons DVDs season 4 set retained the rabies line.

* Marty Fisher in Shameless has Tourette's.

* An episode of the television show Quincy, M.E. has Quincy arguing with the drug companies, lawyers and the Food and Drug Administration to promote research into the syndrome.

On the Internet
Danny, the subject of the web site, is promoted to have a form of Tourette's Syndrome. Although many believe this is not true, the videos on the web site suggest that he may in fact have a form of Tourette's, but his alcohol problem (he's drinking in many of the videos) might have a great deal to do with his outbursts as well.

In Music
The grunge band Nirvana recorded a song on the In Utero album titled "tourette's"—a song with the lyrics intensely shouted rather than sung, perhaps to mimic the syndrome