Role of Teachers

1. Provide a wide variety of literature including non-fiction.

2. Allow all students to choose what they want to read.

3. Give boys the freedom to write in whatever form they are comfortable with – point form, webs, concept maps etc...

4. Encourage peer evaluation to build confidence and ownership.

5. Allow students to offer their ideas without teacher interference.

6. Develop literature circles – gives all students a chance to orally share their findings.

7. Use technology to get boys interested in literacy.

8. Encourage and stimulate boys to read through a positive and enthusiastic delivery.

9. Be specifically aware of how you organize your classroom, keeping boys away from the distraction of their friends.

10. Use the arts to bring literacy to life.

11. Provide shorter tasks for boys that will make their contributions more meaningful and provide frequent feedback.

12. Allow boys to be humorous in their writing.

13. Be flexible in your demands, allowing for creativity that goes beyond your expectations.

14. Be positive in your approach that will foster an environment where all their contributions are worthwhile.

15. Provide male role models that read to the students.

16. Allow the students to help shape their activity so they feel ownership over the results.