Investigations in Numbers, Data, and Space

Investigations in Number, Data, and Space is a complete K-5 mathematics curriculum, developed at TERC in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is designed to help all children understand the fundamental ideas of number and arithmetic, geometry, data, measurement and early algebra. Investigations is one of the most popular new standards-based mathematics curricula patterned after the controversial NCTM standards for mathematics.


A variety of measures of student achievement and learning including state-mandated standardized tests, research-based interview protocols, items from research studies published in peer-reviewed journals and specially constructed paper-and-pencil tests have been used to evaluate the effectiveness of Investigations

Quoting from the TERC web site, the studies of Investigations in Number, Data, and Space® indicate that:

Investigations students do as well or better than students using other curricula in straight calculation problems involving basic facts and the whole number operations.

Investigations students have a better understanding of number and number relationships than students working with more traditional programs.

Investigations works equally well with students at different achievement levels in mathematics.

Students who use Investigations achieve greater accuracy on word problems and on more complex calculations than students in comparison classrooms.

Students in schools fully implementing Investigations outperform students in schools not using Investigations (or other NSF-funded elementary mathematics curricula) on a the MCAS high stakes standardized test administered in Massachusetts.