Managerial Roles

In the late 1960s Henry Mintzberg, a graduate student at MIT undertook a careful study of five executives to determine what those managers did on their jobs.. On the basis of his observations, Mintzberg classifies managerial roles into 3 categories 1. Interpersonal Roles 2. Decisional Roles 3. Informational Roles

    Rational Decision-Making Model
    Scientific management
    Garbage can model

Theories of decision making can be subdivided into three categories
    Normative (concentrates on how decision should be made)
    Descriptive (concerned with how the thinker came up with their judgement)
    Prescripted (aim to improve decision making)

Organization structures and dynamics
    Incentive theory is a concept of human resources or management theory. In the corporate sense, it states that firm owners should structure employee compensation in such a way that the employees' goals are aligned with owners' goals. As it applies to the operations of firms, it is more accurately called the principal–agent problem.
    Complexity theory and organizations
    Contingency theory
    Evolutionary Theory and organizations
    Hybrid organisation
    Informal Organization
    Institutional theory
    Merger integration
    Organizational ecology
    Model of Organizational Citizenship behaviour
    Model of organizational justice
    Model of Organizational Misbehaviour
    Resource dependence theory
    Transaction cost
    Hofstede's Framework for Assessing Cultures
    Mintzberg's Organigraph

Personality traits theories
    Big Five personality traits
    Holland's Typology of Personality and Congruent Occupations
    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Control and stress modelling
    Herzberg's Two factor theory
    Theory X and Theory Y

Motivation in organizations
Motivation the forces either internal or external to a person that arouse enthusiasm and resistance to pursue a certain course of action. According to Baron et al. (2008): "Although motivation is a broad and complex concept, organizational scientists have agreed on its basic characteristics. Drawing from various social sciences, we define motivation as the set of processes that arouse, direct, and maintain human behavior toward attaining some goal"

There are many different motivation theories such as:
    Attribution theory
    Equity theory
    Maslow's hierarchy of needs
    Incentive theory (psychology)
    Model of emotional labor in organizations
    Frederick Herzberg two-factor theory
    Expectancy theory