Product Information

Each version in the Mastering series is accessed by users on the web through it's corresponding URL, e.g. The program's questions are based on a Socratic dialogue with the students. With this method, Mastering responds to difficulty in solving a certain problem with hints or simpler versions of the problem. More focus is placed on the process of finding the solution rather than just obtaining the final answer. Students engage in the adaptive program, each with their own pace and style of learning. The collection of products includes

    MasteringA&P (Anatomy & Physiology)

For Instructors
The Mastering interface allows instructors to focus more on teaching than grading since assignments are automatically graded. Professors are able to use the online grade book to track student learning progress and determine topics the class is struggling with the most before administering exams. The website also analyzes student data to create statistics reflecting assessment outcomes. Instructors can make announcements on the webpage and post course materials in the form of documents and lectures.

For Students
Students are assigned various one-part and multi-part problems on the website as homework. Each question has a limited number of attempts, after which no credit is received. Some problems contain a "hint" button, which assist users with going through the thought process of solving the problem. When a student enters the incorrect answer to a question, the program usually detects the type of error made and helps the student correct it with automated feedback. Each product version provides users with some or all of the following tools:

    Interactive eText- includes online version of the textbook
    3D Animations- helps users visualize complex concepts and processes
    Tutorial Videos- goes through steps of solving example problems
    Math Review- helps students understand essential mathematical basis of topics like chemistry and physics
    Self-study Quizzes- allows students to review for exams

MasteringA&P (Anatomy & Physiology)
MasteringA&P features a useful application called Practice Anatomy Lab (PAL) 3.0. This tool allows users to access genuine lab specimens online at any time and use them to study for lab practicals (assessments for identifying different types of anatomical structures in lab). PAL 3.0 also contains detailed animations to help students visualize processes such as joint movement. The program is divided into five modules:

    Human Cadaver
    Anatomical Models
    Fetal Pig

MasteringAstronomy includes a Microsoft-produced tool called WorldWide Telescope tours. It allows students to cruise through outer space and examine celestial bodies based on data collected by telescopes. WorldWide Telescope tours is linked to the online eText so that students connect the concepts in the book with real-life information.

MasteringGeography & MasteringGeology
MasteringGeography features MapMasterTM, an application that makes use of interactive maps with geographically-themed layers to help students grasp the concepts of geography. Both MasteringGeography and MasteringGeology integrate the program Google Earth into Pearson's Encounter Series. Students explore geoscience concepts as they go through hands-on exercises in the incorporated program.

MasteringPhysics gives students access to a hands-on physics simulation program created by the PhET Group at University of Colorado - Boulder. This utility lets users develop a better understanding of concepts by relating the laws of physics to real life.