Types of Bullying

Bullying is repeating an act of abuse, whether it be verbal or physical, to show power over another person. Usually a combination of intimidation and humiliation is used. Some techniques are:

* Calling the victim names and stating the victim is useless at whatever they do
* Spreading gossip and rumors about him/her
* Threats of job loss and disciplinary action for unspecified reasons
* Constant negative criticism for unspecified allegations
* Taking the victim's possessions or taking control of the victim's work
* Demoting the victim without just cause
* Making the victim do what they do not want to do with a threat of violence or disciplinary action if they refuse
* Actually following through with a threat on one occasion to ensure the victim will comply with all future orders
* Cyber bullying through the use of various information technologies
* repeated physical assault on a person, even when the assault is not damaging to life or limb
* blackmail
* getting a victim into trouble with authority
* making derogatory remarks about a person's family, (particularly mother), about one's home, personal appearance, sexual orientation, religion, race or nationality.
* physical attacks can include wedgies, noogies, swirlies etc