Dimensions of Microlearning

The following dimensions can be used to describe or design micro learning activities:

Time: relatively short effort, operating expense, degree of time consumption, measurable time, subjective time, etc.

Content: small or very small units, narrow topics, rather simplex issues, etc.

Curriculum: small part of curricular setting, parts of modules, elements of informal learning, etc.

Form: fragments, facets, episodes, "knowledge nuggets", skill elements, etc.

Process: separate, concomitant or actual, situated or integrated activities, iterative method, attention management, awareness (getting into or being in a process), etc.

Mediality: print media, electronic media, mono-media vs. multi-media, (inter-)mediated forms, etc.

Learning type: repetitive, activist, reflective, pragmatist, conceptionalist, constructivist, connectivist, behaviorist; also: action learning, classroom learning, corporate learning, etc.