Prescriptions and Training

Speed reading courses and books prescribe a variety of techniques that they claim will increase reading rate while retaining good comprehension.

Speed reading learners are instructed to:

Read words at a faster pace

Breathe diaphragmatically while reading

Avoid intake of high glycemic index foods

Hum a familiar tune while reading (to eliminate early stage sub vocalization.).

Sit upright

Make lazy “S” shapes across the page with a guide (Meta guiding)

Metronome train (reading each line in time to a metronome)

Vertical Wave (Reading down the page rather than left to right)

Read backwards

Use photographic memory training

Attain an alpha or theta brainwave state

Relax attention

Zen focus

Super read (flipping the pages)

Some speed reading courses and books also include study and memorization techniques such as Learning 3Rs Read, Record and Recite.