New York

    Romper Room ("Miss Diane")
    Commander Ralph (with Ralph Vartigian)
    Freddy Freihoffer Show (with Jim Fisk)

    WNBF-TV: TV Ranch Club (with Bill Parker) (1949–1959)
    WNBF-TV: The Officer Bill Show (with Bill Parker) (1964–1972)
    WNBF-TV: Popeye and the Admiral (with Len Hathaway)
    WMGC-TV: Romper Room
    WMGC-TV: Bozo the Clown (with Larry Crabb)

    WKBW-TV: The Commander Tom Show (with Tom Jolls) 1965–1991
    WKBW-TV: Rocketship 7 with Dave Thomas (1962–1978); Mike Randall, Bob Stilson, Tim Warchocki (1992–1993)
    WGR: Romper Room
    WUTV: U's Place (with Craig Scime), 1996–2001

    Jerry's Playhouse (with Jerry White)
    TV Clubhouse (with "Coach" Carl Proper)

New York
    WNBC, later WABD: The Children's Hour (with Stan Lee Broza)
    WABC-TV, WNEW, WOR: Romper Room ("Miss Gloria", "Miss Joan", "Miss Barbara", "Miss Louise", "Miss Mary Ann", "Miss Molly")
    WNBC: Uncle Wethbee (with Tex Antoine)
    WNYW/WNEW/WABD: Freddie the Fireman (with Ed McCurdy)
    WNYW/WNEW/WABD: J. Fred Muggs Show
    WNYW/WNEW/WABD: Sandy Becker's Fun House! (hosted by Sandy Becker)
    WNYW/WNEW/WABD: Funny Bunny (with Dick Noel)
    WNYW/WNEW: Wonderama (with Sonny Fox and Bob McAllister)
    WNYW/WNEW: The Sandy Becker Show
    WNYW/WNEW: Felix the Cat and Friends (with "Uncle Fred" Scott and Allen Swift)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV, later WPIX: The Merry Mailman (with Ray Heatherton)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: Happy Felton's Knothole Gang (with Happy Felton)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: The Johnny Andrews Show (with Johnny Andrews, Paul Ashley and Chuck McCann)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: Little Tom Tom at the Wigwam Party (Gene London)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: MerryTunes Circus (Claude Kirchner)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: Merry Mailman's Funhouse (Ray Heatherton)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: The Scrub Club (Claude Kirchner)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: The Super Adventure Theater (Claude Kirchner)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: Terrytoons Circus (Claude Kirchner)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: The Space Explorer's Club (Al Hodge)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: Space Station Nine (Chubby Jackson)
    WWOR-TV/WOR-TV: Steampipe Alley (Mario Cantone and Judy Katchska)
    WPIX: Popeye ("Captain Allen" Swift)
    WPIX/WNEW: The Chuck McCann Show
    WNYW/WNEW: The Soupy Sales Show
    WNYW/WNEW: Lunch with Soupy Sales
    WNYW/WNEW: Great Bombo's Magic Cartoon Circus Lunchtime Show (with Chuck McCann and Paul Ashley)
    WNYW/WNEW: Just for Fun! (Sonny Fox)
    WNYW/WNEW: Speak Out (Sonny Fox)
    WNYW/WNEW: Chuck McCann's Laurel and Hardy Show (with Chuck McCann and Paul Ashley)
    WPIX: Bozo the Clown (with Bill Britten)
    WNBC: Watch Your Child/The Me Too Show
    WNBC/WNBT: Facts N' Fun (with Shari Lewis)
    WNBC: Birthday House (with Paul Tripp)
    WABC-TV: Tinker's Workshop (with Bob Keeshan, Dom DeLuise, Henry Burbig, and Gene London)
    WABC-TV: Jolly Gene and His Fun Machine (with Bill Britten)
    WABC-TV: Time for Fun (with Joseph Bova)
    WABC-TV: The Tommy Seven Show (with Ed Bakey)
    WPIX: Joya's Fun School
    WPIX: The Magic Garden
    WPIX: Kartoon Klub (Shari Lewis)
    WPIX: Shariland (Shari Lewis)
    WPIX: Cartoon Zoo (Milt Moss)
    WPIX: Cartoon Express (Bill Britten)
    WPIX: Clubhouse Gang (Joe Bolton)
    WPIX: Let's Have Fun! (Chuck McCann, Paul Ashley, Terry Bennett)
    WPIX: Laurel and Hardy and Chuck (Chuck McCann)
    WPIX: The Surprise Show (Hank Stohl; Morey Bunin; Jimmy Boyd)
    WPIX: The Carol Corbett Show (Carol Corbett)
    WPIX: The Chuck McCann Show (with Chuck McCann and Paul Ashley)
    WPIX: The Beachcomber Bill Show (with Bill Biery; Herb Bass)
    WPIX: Pancake Man (with Hal Smith)
    WCBS-TV: The Patchwork Family (with Carol Corbett, Carey Antebi)
    WCBS-TV: Terry Tell Time (with Carol Reed; Morey Bunin; Hope Bunin)
    WNET/WNTA: The Puppet Hotel (with Chuck McCann and Paul Ashley)
    WNET/WNTA: Junior Frolics (with "Uncle Fred" Sayles)
    WNET/WNTA: Junior Carnival (with "Uncle Steve" Hollis) (Sunday version of essentially same show with different host)
    WNET/WNTA: Studio 99½ (with Jimmy Nelson)
    WNET, WNTA: Super Serial (with Al Hodge, Eric Page)
    WNET, WNTA: Funderama (with Herb Sheldon, Arnold Stang, Morey Amsterdam)

    Scoop O'Brian presented 1950s Superman TV episodes

    Romper Room ("Miss Ann", "Miss Rita")
    Skipper Sam

    Romper Room ("Miss Cathy", "Miss Joan")
    Ladybug's Garden (with Cathy Stampalia and Jerry Sanders)
    Magic Toy Shop (with "Play Lady" (Jean Daugherty); "Miss Merrily" (Marilyn Hubbard) and "Eddie Flum Num" (Socrates Sampson))
    Salty Sam's Super Saturday (Bill Lape)

    Bozo the Clown (with Edwin Whitaker)

    Kiddie Karnival (with Dan Burgess)